Top 8 Things Pest Control Professionals Wish You Knew

Myrtle Beach pest controlPest control and management is indeed a serious responsibility of homeowners. Unfortunately, not every homeowner is aware of their responsibility to keep their homes clean, sanitized and free of pests. Most of the time, homeowners instantly call an exterminator to let them handle their pest problem the minute they see a mouse or cockroach crawling through their floor.

Basically, what homeowners should realize is that pest control is as much their responsibility as their local exterminator and pest management company. There are things that they need to do in order to prevent pests from coming to their house and breeding in one of their cabinets. It is important not only to keep their houses clean but to also implement pest prevention strategies to ensure you won’t be bothered by these harmful and dangerous pests. Read More…

Essential Pest Control Travel Tips For Your Next Vacation

Pest Control Myrtle BeachWhen preparing for your next vacation, include a pest control checklist along with your travel checklist. Don’t forget that one of the many ways pests find their way through your home is by hitchhiking from your recent vacation. To prevent this from happening, there are certain things you should do while traveling, before settling in your hotel room and when going out for the night.

Pests are everywhere

Pests are everywhere and are increasing in numbers at a quick rate every day. This is why protecting and securing your home is no longer sufficient to keep them away. You will need to protect you and your family as well every time you go out. Additionally, you also need to make sure you and your family are free from any hitchhiking pests before stepping foot inside the house. Read More…

Insider’s Tips For Pest Control During The Cold Months

pest control myrtle beachAs temperatures drop, most homeowners abandon their pest control efforts with the highly noticeable absence of flying insects. However, you must keep in mind that the absence of mosquitoes, flies, and bees, doesn’t mean there won’t be any pests at all during winter.

Also, it is not completely true that all animals – including pests – are in hibernation mode in the cold months. Some are still on the lookout for warmth and sources of food and water. And they might just find your house a great prospect if you fail to continue your pest management routine. Read More…

Easy Pest Control Guide To Follow For Your Kitchen

Myrtle Beach pest controlIt is imperative that every homeowner implement pest control in the kitchen since this is the most common area inside the house where pests choose to hide. The primary reason for this is probably because of the availability of sources of food and water. And if you are often cooking delicious smelling meals, you are sure to attract pests into the kitchen.

Some of the common pests and insects that could be attracted to your kitchen are ants, mice, cockroaches, Indian meal moths, and merchant grain beetles. These pests can be easily attracted to an open bag of sugar that has been left on your kitchen counter. Although most of these pests are not directly harmful, they can immediately spoil your food. Plus, some of them like mice and cockroaches carry harmful diseases or trigger asthma or allergy attack. Read More…

3 Pest Control Tips To Remember When Holiday Decorating

Myrtle Beach pest controlAs you are setting up your holiday decorations, you should not slack on your pest control routine. In fact, it is during this time that you should keep a keener eye on signs of pest infestation; especially when bringing a fresh tree from the outside and when opening that boxful of Christmas decorations that have been sitting up in your attic for months now.

Winter pests may not always come from your yard. They can also come from the tree that you’ve recently cut and brought inside the house or from your dusty box of Christmas decorations. Thus, you will need to implement more careful pest control and management strategies. Below are some ideas.

Inspect each live green before bringing inside the house Read More…