What Happens If You Ignore The Need For Rodent Pest Control

Pest Control 229x300 What Happens If You Ignore The Need For Rodent Pest ControlAt the first sign of rodents in your home, you need to immediately call in professional pest control. These critters will not stop invading your home if you don’t do something about them. They will not go away and move to another safe place to live when they see you holding a broom and swatting them or jumping on a chair and screaming at them. Most importantly, they barely stay in the same house without increasing their population.

The only way to control their population and get rid of them is to call in professional assistance. Of course, you can always plan ahead and implement appropriate preventive measures to make sure these pests won’t invade your home. Once they’re already inside your home, there’s nothing else to do other than to have a professional exterminate them.

It’s not only rodents

If you think seeing rodents scurry through your home will happen only once or that ignoring them will make the situation less of a problem, you better think again. Keep in mind that if there is a mouse lurking around your property, the following kinds of pests will also be present in most cases.

  • Carpet beetles – These pests live off of the food stowed away by rats and other rodents. When they learn about the secret food hiding places of the rodents, they will move on to where you hide your food.
  • Fleas – Aside from feeding on your pets, fleas also feed on rodents. So if you don’t have a pet, but there are rats and rodents in your home, you’ll surely face a flea problem in no time. What’s worse is that fleas can also feed off you once they’re done with the rats.
  • Mites – Where there are mice, there are almost always mites as well. These pests often travel with the mice and thrive where they live. Like fleas, house mice mites also feed off of humans.

Preventing mice and other pests is the ultimate pest control

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. In the case of a pest problem, it’s not only prevention, but education as well. In fact, most professionals consider education as the key to a successful and undeterred prevention.

Here are some things you should know to properly prevent mice, rodents and other pests from entering and living in your home.

  • Cracks and holes, wherever they may be – on the walls, ceilings, or floor outside and inside – are what rodents primary use to enter your home.
  • Standing water on and inside your home are like homing devices for rats and other rodents.
  • Garbage lids should always be closed as these also attract the rodents.
  • Left over food lying around your eating areas inside and outside the house are excellent food sources for rats and mice.
  • Working with your neighbors goes a long way in improving your preventive measures.
  • The one small mouse you see running around your property is not alone. That one mouse almost always comes with other bigger rodents to invade your home.

If you don’t know what type of rodent you’re dealing with, it’s best to leave the task of terminating them to professional pest control.

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Is Your Home Infected With Termites?

Termites 300x229 Is Your Home Infected With Termites?Another pest that could infect your home – and probably cause more costly damage and repair – are termites. They can lurk behind your walls and beneath your floor boards without knowing about it. The best tool to protect your home against these harmful pests is to increase your knowledge about them and learn about how to identify the signs of their infestation.

Spring is known to be the perfect swarming season for termites. As we are headed toward spring, it will help you to learn everything that you can about these pests. Most importantly, you will need to learn about the signs of their presence in your home as well as the risks that they bring.

Signs and risks of termites

The most obvious risk these pests can bring you is they can weaken the foundation of your home, especially if your home’s foundation is made from wood. Other areas of your home that are at risk of being damaged include your decks, crawlspaces, gutters, and mulch areas. It is also highly suggested that you keep an eye on any part of your home that has contact with soil.

Spring is when you will most likely notice the signs of their presence in your home because this is the time when these pests swarm and, thus, become more obvious to the homeowners. So, as you welcome the spring season, it will help if you keep an eye on these signs:

  • Damage to your wood furniture and wood parts of your home

These pests eat wood from the inside out so it will not be easy to identify wood damage at first sight. You will need to tap the wood and listen for a hollow sound. This will mean that the wood’s insides have already been consumed by the pests. Finding more than hollow wood in your home will confirm their presence.

If you notice only a few of the beams have hollow sound, it is better for you to proceed to precautionary measures and not let these pests get to other parts of your home. Isolate the hollowed wood that you found. If possible, replace them immediately and dispose of them properly. Keep trash wood tightly sealed and away from other wooden parts of your home.

  • Scattered wings

Spring is also their mating season which is when they try to venture out of their current colony to seek out mates. When they arrive at a new colony to find their mate, they shed their wings before entering. The presence of wings on your vents, window sills, and other potential entrances for these pests may confirm that your house has been infected.

  • Presence of mud tubes from your yard to your home

These mud tubes serve as highways for these pests to enter your home through the soil in your yard. If you see them from your yard, you will most likely need to call in a professional at once to help you remove these pests.

Keep in mind, however, that termites are not only a threat during spring. They can attack your home regardless of the weather or the season. It is only during spring that they become more noticeable because of swarming together. As such, it can be difficult at times to make sure of their presence in your home. In these cases, you will need to have a professional inspect your home and confirm whether or not your home has been infected.

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Pest Control Tips: How To Make Your House Less Appealing

pest control 300x280 Pest Control Tips: How To Make Your House Less AppealingMaking your house unattractive to mice, rodents, and other small animals is indeed an unusual pest control tip. But if you really think about it, it actually makes sense. Pests come to your house for a reason. They’re not there simply to annoy you or make fun of you. They found something they need to survive in your home and that is why they are staking claim and marking your home as their own.

What do pests see in your home?

Well, what do pests need to survive? They need food and shelter. And those are what they see and want in your home. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if these animals are cuddly and cute. Unfortunately, most of them are dirty, smelly, and even carry diseases which they could easily transmit to you and the rest of your family.

Even though you make your house ultimately clean and sanitized at all times, these pests will still be able to find their way into your home. They are able to do this because you have what they need. So what you need to do is make your house less appealing to these pests by blocking their easy entrance and removing their sources of food.

Blocking easy entrance for pest control

Keep in mind that these pests are not only small in size. They are also able to squeeze their body to make it even much smaller to be able to enter your house. What you should do then is go outside your house and take a walk around it, looking for holes in your doors, windows, walls, and any other possible place a pest could enter. Look for holes, cracks and all other types of openings that could grant them access to your house. Seal these openings and make sure they are tight so that pests cannot claw their way in.

Once done sealing the outside of your house, you also need to seal the inside of your house. Make an overall inspection of the inside of your house and look for any opening or holes where pests can hide or live in. These holes can often be found on baseboards, kitchen cabinets, appliances, closets, and drawers. Be sure to check every area of your house so that there will be no other places that the pests can hide in.

Removing the food source

These pests can smell food even from a distance. After having smelled food in your house, they will do everything they can to gain entry and access that available food source. To prevent this, the best pest control is not only to keep your house clean and sanitized at all times, removing any traces of food on the floor, table, and kitchen counters. You also have to ensure that your pantry is sealed, and unfinished food – crackers, chips, bread – are placed in tightly sealed containers.

If you have pet food, make sure they are in tightly sealed containers as well and store them in a clean and sanitized area. This will block their scent and prevent pests from being able to smell them even from a distance.

Aside from unfinished food and a clean pantry and kitchen, you also need to look at how you dispose your garbage. These pests will not think twice about raging your garbage can when they smell food in it. So make sure your garbage disposal area is clean and that your trash can is tightly sealed. Use a heavy lid that will not be easy to dodge or crack.

Don’t give pests a reason to come to your house. Make sure your home will appear unattractive to them as they wouldn’t be able to find what they’re looking for in there.

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Get Ahead of Pest Control With These Simple And Easy Tips

pest control 198x300 Get Ahead of Pest Control With These Simple And Easy TipsPest control is one of the many unavoidable responsibilities you have as a homeowner. There are various kinds of pests that could infest your home depending on where you live. You need to be able to control and prevent them from coming into your home. It’s important that you learn how to deal with this issue so as to avoid costly damage from pest infestation.

Do you need professional pest control help?

Some of the damage that pests can bring includes damage to furniture and the house as well as contamination of food that causes health problems. If you notice signs of pest infestation in your home, it is best to call on your local pest control professional.

These professionals will help you determine the type of pests present in your home. Upon knowing the specific kind of pests you’re dealing with, they will enlighten you on the types of damage it could bring, how dangerous they are, and what are the best treatments for them. They will cure the pest problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

If you have no idea who to hire, here are some tips to help you choose the right contractor for your needs:

  • Look for a contractor from the members of the national, state, and local pest management associations.
  • Only hire licensed contractors. Ask the pest management professional you are considering hiring for a copy of the necessary licenses and certifications required in your city and state.
  • Ask for referrals from your friends, colleagues, and neighbors.
  • Confirm whether or not the pest management company has insurance for any inevitable damage or accident while treating and solving your pest infestation problems.
  • Find out if the company offers guarantees, what it includes and how long it will last. This will help you get more for your money. Also, keep in mind that a company that offers guarantees is most likely do the job with utmost satisfaction.

Do your part by following these basic pest control prevention tips

If you have not experienced being infested or bothered by pests, do not wait for the time when you see the signs before you act. Bear in mind that in any situation, prevention always goes a long way. So rather than spend a huge amount of money on getting rid of the pests or in treating and controlling the pest problem, perform some basic prevention to ensure no pests will ever consider entering your home.

Here are some basic prevention tips to help you.

Do not ignore any leaks from your plumbing system – including taps and pipes under the sink. Fix them at the first sign to ensure they will not attract pests. Some pests like their environment moist. This is why it is best to make a routine inspection of all your pipes and taps to ensure there are no leaks that would cause moisture build up.

Always keep your kitchen, dining area, and pantry clean and tidy. Do not let scraps and bits of food lay around on counter tops, cabinets, and tables. One of the primary reasons pests infest a home is because they are looking for food. Do not give them a reason to migrate into your home by leaving food lying around.

Seal all possible entry points to your home. This includes all seals and cracks on the outside of the house as well as holes and splits in your pipes and cables.

Make sure your trees and shrubs are well away from your home. Pests can use these shrubs and other plants as a bridge to enter your home.

If you notice signs of rotting on your roof and wood, have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible so as not to attract insects and pests.

Always seal your garbage containers and make a point to dispose your trash regularly and properly.

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Rodent Control How To’s For The Winter Season

Rodent Control 300x200 Rodent Control How To’s For The Winter SeasonAre you having problems with rodent control as the months get colder and colder? During these fall and winter months, you will have to worry about several things such as: keeping the house warm enough, maintaining your swimming pool or looking after your car and your driveway. You will also need to worry about unwelcome visitors seeking shelter in your home.

Mice, rats and other small animals will take shelter inside your home during the winter season without your permission. It wouldn’t be a bad thing but these rodents can carry and transmit different kinds of viruses and diseases to you and your children very easily. They are a major health risk. So it is a must that you prevent them from coming into your home.

One of the important aspects of rodent control is preventing these unwanted visitors from entering your home. Here are some basic tips to help you with this.

  • Look for and seal any cracks, holes or openings on the outside of your house especially along the doors and windows. This will be the rodents’ main point of entry into your house. They can easily squeeze through these holes as they are quite small. So you need to tightly seal them.
  • Check your baseboards, kitchen cabinets, appliances, and closets for any cracks, holes or openings and seal them. Aside from gaining access to your house, these areas could become the pests’ hiding places. Be sure to check every area of your house both inside and outside.
  • Make sure all your food bags and containers are tightly sealed and always closed. Aside from seeking shelter and warmth, these rodents come to your home for food as well. Therefore, you do not need to entice them more by not properly storing your food.
  • Always keep your pantry, kitchen, dining area, and other areas where you prepare and eat food clean and sanitized. This way, you will not attract any pests to come to you and you also prevent possible infestation. Keep in mind that the best and easiest way for a rodent to transmit the disease or virus it is carrying when it comes in contact with your food and kitchen utensils.
  • If you have a pet at home and you store pet food, make sure that it is kept inside a heavy and tightly sealed container. These attract rodents much more easily than our food because their scent is stronger and it is food for the animals, just like them.
  • Keep your garbage area clean at all times. If you have messy and smelly trash or food waste, remove them immediately. Use a heavy and sturdy garbage container with a lid to prevent rodents from gaining easy access.

The other aspect of rodent control is getting rid of those pests that are already inside your home. They may have been there even before the winter season because you might have forgotten to seal a hole or opening in your house. Rodents are just persistent and they will find a way to enter your home.

It will be easy to determine that rodents are already inside your home because you will notice some food missing or food bags and food containers having holes in them. The first step to getting rid of these pests is to identify them. Keep in mind that these pests are a major health risk and it is not always advised that you personally handle them, especially if they are the larger ones, which are more dangerous.

To determine the size and type of the rodent you are dealing with, take a closer look at the signs they leave behind: gnaw marks, droppings, body trail marks outside and inside your house, and others. Sometimes, it will be easier because they tend to show themselves.

Once you know what kind of pest you are dealing with, it will be easier for you to apply measures to get rid of them. If they turn out be larger pests, call professional pest control immediately. Do not attempt to deal with them on your own as they are dangerous animals.

If they turn out be smaller ones, you can use traps, baits, repellents, and poison. There is a wide range of tools and strategies for you to get rid of them. These are simple to use and easy to set up. If it’s your first time doing this, do not hesitate to seek professional advice.

The most important thing to remember is protection when handling these pests. Wear gloves and other protective gear when setting up traps and discarding trapped and dead animals. Always keep in mind that dead pests and rodents are more of a health hazard than when they are alive as they can be infected with parasites that could be transmitted through the air or immediate contact.

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