Easy Pest Control Guide To Follow For Your Kitchen

Myrtle Beach pest controlIt is imperative that every homeowner implement pest control in the kitchen since this is the most common area inside the house where pests choose to hide. The primary reason for this is probably because of the availability of sources of food and water. And if you are often cooking delicious smelling meals, you are sure to attract pests into the kitchen.

Some of the common pests and insects that could be attracted to your kitchen are ants, mice, cockroaches, Indian meal moths, and merchant grain beetles. These pests can be easily attracted to an open bag of sugar that has been left on your kitchen counter. Although most of these pests are not directly harmful, they can immediately spoil your food. Plus, some of them like mice and cockroaches carry harmful diseases or trigger asthma or allergy attack. Read More…

3 Pest Control Tips To Remember When Holiday Decorating

Myrtle Beach pest controlAs you are setting up your holiday decorations, you should not slack on your pest control routine. In fact, it is during this time that you should keep a keener eye on signs of pest infestation; especially when bringing a fresh tree from the outside and when opening that boxful of Christmas decorations that have been sitting up in your attic for months now.

Winter pests may not always come from your yard. They can also come from the tree that you’ve recently cut and brought inside the house or from your dusty box of Christmas decorations. Thus, you will need to implement more careful pest control and management strategies. Below are some ideas.

Inspect each live green before bringing inside the house Read More…

Pest Control In Your Pantry: Why You Should Do It

myrtle beach pest controlPest control should not stop in your yard, basement or attic. You should know that there are pantry pests that you also need to keep an eye out for. It is important that you learn how to effectively protect your pantry and prevent these pests from reaching and taking permanent residence in your kitchen ingredients and pantry supplies.

Important of pantry pest control

Pantry pests or also known as stored product pests are often found near or inside the food that you store in your pantry or kitchen cupboards. The most common foods where they could be found include grains, dry cereals, spices, candies and chocolates. What makes them dangerous is their ability to breed quickly; thus, they are able to infest and take over a single bag of grains in a matter of weeks or even days.

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Pest Control Do’s and Don’ts For Winter Pests

Pest ControlPest control is different for every specific type of pest. Similarly, it should also be different with each season simply because you will most likely be facing different pests during the colder months.

Winter simply means hibernation for animals and pests. While some animals can easily find shelter and warmth in the forest, some pests choose to seek these comforts inside homes. The primary reason is probably because food is instantly and easily available inside houses and there would be lots of hiding places where they can hibernate safely and comfortably. And if the family does not implement proper precautionary and preventive measures, detection is near impossible.

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Start Early With Your Winter Pest Control

Pest ControlPest control in winter is much like the other seasons. Winter is a common season for pests to go into hibernation and seek shelter and warmth. Unfortunately, some pests’ idea of shelter and warmth is sharing your home. According to the National Pest Management Association, homeowners need to continue implementing preventive measures throughout the season to ensure no pests will be disturbing them during the holidays.

To help you with your winter pest control, here are some facts about common winter pests.

  • German cockroaches

These pests get inside your home by hitchhiking on grocery bags, boxes and furniture. Anything that you bring to your house, especially those that you bought from second hand sources, may contain German cockroaches. So you will need to very carefully inspect them before bringing them inside your home. With regards to grocery bags and boxes, you may opt to open them outside your home.

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