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Do I Need Organic Pest Control During Colder Months?

Organic Pest Control Myrtle BeachThe weather has finally cooled off and colder weather is coming. Now is the time to think about organic pest control for winter. Believe it or not, insects and other pests can take up residence in your home for obvious reasons—they are looking for warmth. But they are certainly not a welcome sight, so let’s look at a few reasons they invade our homes during this time of the year and what we can do about it.

Causes For Cold Weather Pests

Just like people, insects look for somewhere warm to get out of the cold and their favorite place is indoors. They may also be looking for dry spots to build their nests. This means that if you have any cracks in your siding, doors that are open a lot, screens that are lose or any other lack of a tight seal around doors and windows, these pests have a perfect way in and you are vulnerable for an invasion of pests.

A Few Common Reasons Pests Are Attracted To Your Home When It’s Cold Outside

  • On south or west facing walls, insects tend to congregate. Sometimes by the thousands. Walls facing south or west are warmer from the sun and the cold-blooded pests love this.
  • Stinkbugs, cluster flies and other insects are attracted to light colored paint surfaces.
  • If you have a garden that’s planted near the foundation of your house, ground beetles are known to infest this area.
  • Flowerbeds, basements that are damp and any other moist areas will attract millipedes.
  • Roaches and ants don’t like cold and will seek the warmth of indoor areas.
  • Insects which hibernate will often leave a chemical odor indoors that will attract other insects who will congregate in that area.

Preventing Pest Invasions

*Talk to your organic pest control specialist today! They will give you lots of ideas you can do ahead of time, as well as treating for existing invasions.

  • Seal all areas where air can get in. Check for nests in attics or basements. Look for holes in the floor as well.
  • Double-check every screen that is on lower levels or foundation levels of your home. Check to see that they fit tightly and are sealed. Broken screens in an attic are an open invitation to insects looking to come in out of the cold!
  • Hire an organic pest control company like AAA Pest Control to come and winter-proof your house against these pests and insects.
  • Stick to an organic pest control schedule! This is the best way to make sure an invasion doesn’t happen to you. Your pest control technician will check to make sure all openings are sealed off and he will also locate and destroy any nests if bugs have already made their way in, thus eliminating the problem completely.

If you have any other questions about organic pest control, how it’s done, what we use, or other tips about winter pest control, then please give us a call today at AAA Pest Control – We’re here to serve you this winter!

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