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Pest Control During The Winter

Pest control Myrtle BeachWinter isn’t typically known to be the time of year with lots of pest problems but there are a few that you still might have to contend with due to the colder temperatures driving them indoors. Our homes are heated and are a food source, which is all the reason these unwanted houseguests need to come on in. Here, we’ll list a few of the most common culprits.

Common Winter Pests That Still Need Pest Control

Cockroaches. Unfortunately, roaches thrive in every season of the year, and not only are they disgusting, but they thrive off of your pantry or food left out on your counters. The biggest thing you can do is make sure your kitchen stays clean and sanitized. Put leftover food away and don’t store things like bread on countertops. It’s better to refrigerate things you have questions about.

Ants. These pesky little creatures are probably the most common pests in winter months. Odorous ants love protein and foods containing sugar. You can repel them by keeping your kitchen really clean, especially the floor. Remember to check the area where you store dog or cat food because these ants love to infest pet food!

Carpenter Ants. Just like their name implies, these ants love to build their homes out of woodpiles, creating mounds of sawdust. They are very hard to get rid of, so you need the services of a pest control company to aid you and ensure that they are totally gone.

Pantry Bugs. If you’ve ever seen tiny little bugs in your flour or other dry goods, then you’ve got an infestation of pantry bugs or meal moths. Help to kill them off by keeping things clutter free and don’t leave spills or crumbs without cleaning them up. You should also store dry food in airtight containers. If you see these bugs, then you need to look through ALL of your pantry items to find the infestation and throw away any food that you see the bugs in. Even one bug can breed thousands, so throw the whole package out if you see any sign of a meal moth or pantry bug. You will need to have the area thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before you bring new food back in. Clean walls, vacuum ceilings and if possible, call your pest control company to come inspect and treat the area.

Mice and Rats. Rodents can come in any time of the year, but of course, they’ll come in looking for warmth when the opportunity presents itself. They can crawl through the tiniest spaces to get in, and will commence to making a mess and nesting in candy wrappers, or getting into about any food you have that isn’t stored tightly. To get control of these pests, call in your pest control expert to have them inspect and treat your home, and then come back to check for results.

The best way to prevent rodents, bugs, or ants of any kind during the winter months is to seal up all the cracks and openings around windows and doors and prevent their entrance. And stay on schedule with regular pest control visits and tell your pest control technician anything you notice out of the ordinary.

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