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Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Myrtle Beach bed bugsOne of the most common problems that professional pest control services face is bed bug infestations. Contrary to what is commonly believed, bed bugs are not restricted to bedrooms only. In fact, according to professionals, bed bugs can be found almost everywhere inside the house.

Bed bugs like your beds because it is where they can get uninhibited access to all the blood that they need to survive. Aside from that, they also need the carbon monoxide that we release as well as our body heat. And they can get all these by hiding in our beds. But keep in mind that they can appear anywhere, including places that you wouldn’t normally consider to be their hiding places.

Where do professional pest control services find bed bugs aside from beds?

Aside from the beds, these pests can also be found in the couch, desk and/or reading chairs, furniture with foams and/or mattresses, and behind picture frames or switch plates.

Bed bugs love the couch as much as they love beds because this is another common furniture where people most often spend their time. Plus, the couch is the most common furniture, next to the bed, where people fall asleep. So naturally, this is where they would most likely hide if they’re not in your bed.

Pest control professionals have often found evidence of bed bugs on desk and/or reading chairs so you may want to check there as well. No, it’s not a likely place for bed bugs to hid in but when you really think about it, some people – especially those who spend more time in front of their computers – spend as much time on their desk chairs as with their beds and couch, and sometimes even more.

If you recently replaced your mattress or furniture, make sure you put your used and old ones outside at once, especially if they haven’t been inspected by professionals. You can never be too sure if there bed bugs hiding in your old mattresses and furniture. Putting them outside and having professionals look at them first will really help prevent them from spreading throughout your home.

Keep in mind that bed bugs can appear in strange places and these include the backs of picture frames and switch plates. Although these areas are not likely where they can get unlimited access to resources they need to survive, these are perfect hiding places where they can hibernate while you are having your beds and couches inspected or while they are still looking for an area to live and accumulate.

It’s always best to opt for a thorough inspection of your entire house if you really want these pests eradicated. Next time you invite a professional over, make sure he or she checks your entire home – including places where bed bugs are not likely to hide.

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