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Easy Pest Control Routines You Can Do This Spring

Myrtle Beach pest controlProper and regular pest control has never been most important in any other time of the year than spring. This is when pests are coming out of their winter hibernation and are starting to gather food and water. This is also the time when some of them start to look for a new place to live in until the season changes.

For this reason, the National Pest Management Association suggests including pest prevention in every homeowner’s cleaning routines for the spring season. Adding a few simple and easy tasks in your spring cleaning will result to living in a pest-free environment. Moreover, it helps eliminate all the issues associated with pest infestation – health problems, furniture and home damage, repair or replacement costs, and others.

Here are some easy pest control routines you can do on a weekly basis as part of your spring cleaning routine.

Look for easy and immediate access points – You can start your routine by checking outdoors and looking for easy and immediate access points. Pests are often able to create their own entrances to your homes if they can’t find any. So be sure to do this every week even though you have sealed and eliminated the gaps and openings you noticed before.

Use silicon-based caulk or steel wool to seal gaps and openings – If you see any kind of gap or opening or even a small crack outside your home, you will have to seal it to ensure no pests will be able to enter. Silicon-based caulk is effective in completely sealing small cracks and crevices while steel wool effectively closes gaps and openings as the rough steel fibers repel pests from coming near the opening and attempting to enter.

Trim grass and shrubbery – The grass, shrubs, and trees in your yard are where most pests hide until they can freely enter your home. They also use your vegetation to obscure their movements when creating entry to your home. Thus, you need to keep the grass and shrubs trimmed very low as well as ensure there are no trees and other vegetation near your home.

Keep your gutters clean at all times – Remove dried leaves and other debris from your gutter and ensure it is not clogged as this results to water accumulation, which doesn’t only lead to leaks but also presents the perfect breeding ground for most pests.

Ensure you don’t have any deteriorating wood at home – Some insects live off of deteriorating wood. Some use this as food source while others simply find the environment it provides suitable for breeding. You need to ensure you have no deteriorating wood at home. Check your roof shingles and immediately remove and replace those that you see already deteriorating.

Check windows, attic vents, and chimneys – Other points of entry to your home include window cracks, attic vents and your chimneys. You will need to regularly check of each of these and ensure there won’t be any chance a pest can go through them.

Ensure your pets don’t have fleas and ticks – Some pests may already be inside your home like fleas and ticks on your cats and dogs. To ensure your pets don’t have them, consult with your vet and seek professional advice on how to prevent these pests from getting to your cats and dogs.

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