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Avoid Bedbugs When You Are On Vacation

Avoid Bedbugs Myrtle BeachWe are in the peak of summer vacation season and the last thing that any traveler wants to think about is bedbugs, however, there are some beach accommodations that have a real problem with these pests and they can ruin anyone’s vacation.  According to the National Pest Management Assoc. almost 80% of all reporting pest control companies have treated for bedbugs in hotels in the past year, up from 67% in the previous year.

How Can You Avoid Bedbugs While On Vacation?

Look online before you set out on your vacation.  Take a look at the reviews of the vacation rentals where you are headed to see if there is any mention of bedbugs.  Another place to check is The Bedbug Registry.

Inspect your room when you arrive.  Don’t think that because you have booked into a 5 Star hotel there won’t be a problem, even they are not exempt.  Take a good look around when you check-in.  You will want to inspect the mattress, box springs and other furniture in the room for any signs of bedbugs.

Protect your luggage.  Be sure and pack extra garbage bags and use these to place your suitcase inside and then seal them while your bags are not in use.  Place them on a hard surface such as the floor of the bathroom or a counter top.

Use extra precaution when you are traveling.  When you are ready to leave, place your luggage back into a container that you can seal.  This will protect your bags when traveling by air from other passenger’s bags that may be infested.  When traveling by car, this will prevent any stray bugs from getting into your vehicle.

Precautions on your return – before you enter your house inspect your luggage for any signs of bedbugs.  As an extra precaution, you will want to vacuum your suitcases.

Kill them with heat! Bedbugs can’t live in extreme heat.  Wash and dry all of your clothes, whether you wore them or note, in very hot water.  Or you may want to take them to a dry-cleaner for full protection.

Leave the bedbugs to the experts. If after all your precautions you still find that bedbugs have traveled home with you, call a professional.  These creatures can lay dormant for months and they are very hard to find.  You will need a professional pest control company that knows how to get rid of bedbugs for good.

Yes you can enjoy your Myrtle Beach vacation – just take a few precautions.  Don’t let fear of bugs stop you from your summer fun.

If you find yourself renting accommodations that have been infested, tell them to give AAA Pest Control a call.  Or if live in the Myrtle Beach area and arrive home to find they have traveled with you, give us a call for a 1 day treatment.

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