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Pest Control and Termites

Pest Control Myrtle BeachThe basics of pest control include learning about the specific kind of pest you are going to be dealing with. And the deadliest pest that could invade residential and corporate properties is termites. What makes these pests deadly is their ability to silently eat away at your home’s foundations and walls. You or any member of your household won’t be able to easily notice their presence, especially if you don’t know what signs to look for. Oftentimes, they have already eaten through half the beams in your basement before you even realize you’re cohabitating with them.

This is why it is very important to learn everything that you can about termites. This will not only help you implement effective pest control, but will also help you better protect your house from termite infestation. Here are some basic facts and information you need to know about termites.

Termites do not generally thrive underground

Contrary to common belief, not all termite species live underground. Although it is common for them to settle underground and create shafts and tunnels all the way up to the surface as their mode of transportation, there are a couple of termite species that live above ground. One such specie is the Conehead termite, which is often mistaken for ants because of their behavior.

Termites can eat 24/7, non-stop, without ever feeling full

It is common knowledge that termites eat all types of woods and wallpaper. What is not known to many, however, is the fact that termites can eat non-stop for 24 hours without ever feeling full. In fact, research has revealed that a termite colony can quickly devour wood as big as one mug of sawdust in just two hours. Imagine how short a time it would take for them to eat away your entire deck.

A termite colony woks as a single unit

If there’s one thing people could admire in termites, it’s their ability to work as a single unit despite belonging to a colony with thousands of other termites. They are able to do this because of what is referred to as the swarm intelligence, wherein the needs of the entire colony always come first rather than each individual need. This actually helps them become extremely proficient, both in survival and in building their colony, which unfortunately, makes it challenging for pest control professionals.

Each termite in a colony belongs to a specific work group

Similarly with other insects, termites also have particular occupations inside their colony. These diverse work groups and each individual job play significant roles in the growth and development of a colony. The common jobs within a termite colony are workers, soldiers, nymphs and reproductive termites.

Workers are the largest work group in a termite colony. They are in charge of scavenging, keeping up the colony home and taking care of the eggs. Soldiers protect the colony and secure whatever is left of it after being attacked by predators or other insects. Nymphs are the younger termites, who will eventually belong to the workers group. Reproductive termites, on the other hand, are the ones responsible for creating and starting new colonies. They are equipped with wings so they can easily travel from one point to another to fulfill their duties.

Considering these basic facts, it will be easy for you to understand how it can be possible for a termite to wreak havoc and potentially destroy your lovely home. Do not wait until there are several colonies of termites in different areas of your home. Act now and work to protect your home from termite infestation.

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