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Effective Pest Control For A Pest-Free Home

Pest ControlPest control is not only about preventing pests from inhabiting your home or driving them away from your home. It should be a continuous effort to ensure your home is always pest-free.

Some homeowners may think that this involves a lot of work and may not be able to commit to it because of their busy schedule. They may find it difficult to find time to do these necessary tasks to ensure their house is maintained and pest-free. Fortunately, there are some simple and easy things that you can do to always keep the pests outside your home.

Follow these easy and simple pest control tips.

Keep the house shiny clean.

Make sure you immediately clean crumbs and food spills as soon as they happen. Do not let these types of messes sit for several hours or even overnight or you risk the pests smelling them and being able to track the spilled food. They will then start to think of the area as a food source and will keep on going back to it until they decide to stay in that area.

It is also important keep all unfinished food stored in tightly sealed containers. These also include your pet’s food. Make sure no food odor can escape from the containers so the pests cannot smell them.

Also, do not store firewood or any type of wood near your home. Rodents, cockroaches, spiders and other types of pests can hide and take up residence in the wood. Having these pests live near your home is a risk because you are allowing them to be near your home and your food.

Conduct careful inspection.

Every time you bring in a package that you bought from the store or take out any items from the pantry, do a careful inspection. What you need to keep an eye out for are pest droppings or chewed packaging. Look out for any signs of pest activity before using the contents of the package as you may bring out the pest inside your home where it will have more hiding places, making it more difficult for you to catch it.

Call in professional pest control to conduct an overall inspection of your home.

Don’t just opt for termite inspection. Go for the overall pest inspection. Hire a service provider that has expertise with all types of pests that may inhabit your home. You can opt for an annual or bi-annual inspection depending on your budget and where you live.


Tightly seal cracks and possible entrances around your home.

Walk around your house and look for potential passages of entry that rodents and other pests can use. Seal all these openings and ensure nothing can go past it. Conduct regular walks around the house to ensure the passages are not reopened. Also look at the caulks and seals of your doors and windows and ensure they are tightly closed.

Conduct preventive measures for best results.

Instead of only having professional assistance conduct regular annual inspection on your home and/or calling them over only when you notice pests lurking throughout your home, have them visit your home to perform preventive measures. Although you can also seek professional advice and assistance from them by phone, it won’t be the same as having them perform the preventive tasks with you watching so you’ll know what to do the next time.

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