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Does Integrated Pest Control Help Ward Off Insects?

Integrated Pest ManagementThere are various treatment options and pest control strategies that you can do to ward off insects. Despite this, however, industry experts believe that the best method of eliminating insects and other pests is through an integrated pest management approach.

According to professionals, an integrated approach includes appropriate prevention strategies that involve the use of conventional pesticides, natural plant extracts and minerals. Basically, this approach revolves around the use of natural and greener alternatives to the pest management products available in the market today.

Why use the integrated pest control method?

The integrated method of eliminating and managing pests has become necessary and critical today because of the continuously growing concern regarding the effects of toxins to people, animals, and the environment. Poisonous and other chemical-based pesticides contain lots of toxins that have adverse effects to people, plants, and animals.

These types of conventional pesticides are not only applied once. The first application is intended to kill the pests and insects. Subsequent applications are intended to prevent the insects and pests from re-developing. Often times, these subsequent applications are scheduled without properly investigating whether or not there are still insects present in the area.

According to experts frequent exposure to toxins from conventional pesticides can result to severe problems in major human body systems including the endocrine system, nervous system, and reproductive system. The effects are direr to children considering their immune systems are still developing. This is why the Environmental Protection Agency works to regulate all types of pesticides to ensure their safety.

What integrated pest control and management can do?

Instead of using poisonous chemicals to kill insects and pests, the integrated pest management approach focuses on controlling the insects and persuading them to move out of your house. Most importantly, it includes homeowners in the entire process.

The integrated pest management approach starts with the identification process, where the contractor will implement surveys and investigations to determine the specific type of pest they are dealing with. When the pest has been identified, contractors will then device a prevention plan along with the homeowner. Finally, if there is still a need for treatment methods, contractors will implement treatment strategies to ensure the pests will no longer develop.

The key to a successful integrated pest management approach is prevention. The contractor should work cooperatively with the homeowner in planning for the most appropriate prevention plan and overlooking its implementation.

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