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4 Misconceptions About Hiring A Pest Control Company

Pest Control Myrtle BeachThere are several companies offering pest control services these days. But just like all the other professional services that we hire, we need to make sure that we choose only the best and reputable service providers. In line with that, we’ve listed four misconceptions about hiringĀ pest control company. Knowing all these will help you keep your home pest-free.

Misconception #1: You need to wait a long time before you can hire a professional to take care of your pest problems.

This is not true. Pests rapidly increase in numbers and when you see one then there are probably a lot more in hiding. A lot of pests produce egg sacks containing several eggs. For example, the cockroach will lay an egg sack containing about 30 baby cockroaches, which can start to reproduce even if they are only two weeks old. A pest infested building will become much more infested if you continue to ignore the issue. Over-the-counter pesticides and sprays may be able to help in a bit, but they will never be enough. The more time you wait to get help, the pests will continue to multiply and become harder to eliminate.

Misconception #2: You only hire a pest control service to remove visible infestations.

This is also not true. As you already know by now, for each pest you see, there are many of those that are in hiding. In case you have one particular kind of pest inside your house then it’s probable that your house has turned into a breeding ground for other kinds of pests. And in addition, those pests create nurseries and colonies inside your walls, below your home, and in hidden cracks and crevices. A few of these pests could be toxic and possibly dangerous. Even you have not seen one of these pests, the could get inside your shoes, crawl inside your clothes, or hide under your bed sheets. You’ll just be surprised that your bed is plagued with these pests after getting bitten.

What about pests you seldom see like termites. The continue to stay hidden in voids. You require a licensed termite technician to determine and show you where potential termite infestation may take place. Be sure you don’t forget about carpenter ants, which can cause great damage to buildings. Once again, request the assistance of a qualified pest control technician to inspect your structure. That is the only time you can make sure that you are protected and prevent the infestation from recurring.

Misconception #3: One pest control method works just like the others.

This is not correct. It will be easy to select a pest control company Myrtle Beach or method if this was true, but unfortunately, it is not. Professional pest control companies must gain certification. Additionally, they need to have to renew their license every year to remain updated with today’s most advanced technology. In several ways, that certification can be considered like a degree in pest control. Request to see the credentials and certification of the company that you are considering to hire. This certification can’t be purchased. It needs to be earned through hours of testing and education.

A company who works with certified and well-trained technicians will get rid of pest problems considerably more thoroughly compared to a non-certified individual. Professional technicians are qualified to utilize the proper kind of materials for every type of pest concern. Furthermore, they’re taught to eradicate pests from those concealed areas that are practically difficult to get to unless your technician is a certified, professional, and trained expert.

Misconception #4: DIY pest control is as effective as hiring a professional pest control technician

You can buy over-the-counter pesticides. A few of them use products containing chemicals and ingredients that just assault the nervous system of the pest. But, as soon as this specific product dries out, its usefulness is totally eliminated. In these instances, the only pests it is going to affect are those who have immediate contact with it when it is wet. So, once you spray (for example) a cockroach or two, they will die yet the 40 roaches in hiding remain alive, untouched, and still rapidly increasing in number.

Many individuals want to find out if the cockroach brings the chemical with them when they return to the nests and kill the other cockroaches growing there. Most of these sprays and pesticides do not work this way. As a matter of fact, when the cockroach returns to its nesting area, but it has already dried out in his body, it won’t affect the others.

When utilizing pesticides on ants, you might end up making the problem much worse. When you spray an anthill, for example, the live ants send a signal to their colony. The ants will then spread into satellite colonies, which means the ant hills will be divided into different anthills.

You will also find industrial strength sprays and pesticides that you could buy from janitorial supply stores as well as other industrial retail shops. The issue with that is that some of them leave behind a toxic residue that could remain poisonous for several years. It becomes a great threat to your whole family. Moreover, a few pesticides won’t be the right prescription for your existing pest problem. They could trigger allergic and respiratory problems if you have no idea what you are using. Therefore, the possibility here is you won’t be able to get rid of the pests and the toxic residue that is left behind your home could harm your loved ones.

The most effective way to service your home is hiring a certified, reliable, and skilled pest control technician. Call AAA Pest Control and we will get rid of all your pest problems.


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