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How To Control Bed Bugs

bed bugs pest controlThis spring there was a lot of press coverage about bed bugs. While the focus was on hotels (there is even a registry for hotels that ranks for bed bugs), they are also prevalent in local homes.

What Are Bed Bugs?

These are small, brown in color, oval insects that actually live on the blood of humans and animals. An adult bed bug will have a flat body and will be about the size of an apple seed. However, after they have fed, their bodies will swell and become a reddish color.

Contrary to popular believe, bed bugs do not fly, but they can move very quickly over walls and floors. Female bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs which are the size of a speck of dust.

Myrtle Beach bed bugs are a nuisance, but keep in mind they do not transmit any diseases.

How do you know if you have a bed bug problem?

Check your mattress in the folds or cracks for stains or egg cases. You will also want to look in the carpeting, wallpaper and other furniture in the room. Even a small amount of evidence can be an indicator of a bigger problem. These little bugs can hide in the smallest of places including inside electrical outlets and beneath baseboards.

How do you treat bed bugs?

Start by thoroughly washing where the Myrtle Beach bed bugs exists. This should include bedding and linens, curtains and clothing in very hot water and then dry them at the highest setting possible on your dryer. For items such as shoes, stuffed animals and items that can’t be washed, put them in the dryer for about 30 minutes.
Take a stiff brush and scrub the mattress around the seams to remove any eggs before you vacuum.
Then vacuum the bed and surrounding area. This should be done frequently. Immediately place the vacuum bag into a plastic bag that you can seal and then place the bag in a garbage can outside.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your mattress, you will want to encase the mattress and box springs in a zippered woven cover to keep the bugs from either entering or leaving. Bedbugs can live up to a year without feeding.

Call your local handyman to repair cracks in plaster, glue down wallpaper and seal other places where bedbugs can hide. You will want to also clear the clutter around the bed.

When do I need an exterminator for bed bugs?

Cleaning up the invested areas is very important in controlling bed bugs; however, getting rid of them permanently usually requires a chemical treatment. Since these chemicals can be harmful, you should call your local pest control company. If you decide to do this yourself, make sure that the label on your mattress and bedding specifically says you can use these chemicals.

The most effective and safest way to get rid of Myrtle Beach bed bugs is to hire an experienced pest control professional.

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