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Pest Control 101: Learn More About Winged Ants and Termites

Myrtle Beach TermitesAccording to Myrtle Beach pest control professionals, they have often received calls on termite infestation and when they arrive to the house, they realize the pests they are dealing with are winged ants. This is why many Myrtle Beach homeowners are indeed confused between these two common household pests.

In this article, pest control professionals share information about winged ants and termites to help homeowners differentiate and easily identify them.

Basic differences between winged ants and termites

Pest control professionals say you can easily tell winged ants and termites apart by looking at three parts of their bodies.

  • Waist – The waist of ants is nipped in while the waist of termites is straight.
  • Antennae – The antennae of ants are bent while those of termites are straight.
  • Wings – The wings of ants are composed of long front wings and short back wings. All four wings of termites have the same size.

Basic pest control to prevent winged ants and termites from damaging your home

These pests come out during springtime like all other types of household pests. They make their presence known to you and the rest of your family when they are swarming, which is when they are mating and looking for an area to live in.

Listed below are some basic tips to ensure these pests will not be damaging your home.

  • Pest control professionals advice on inspecting for signs of leaks on your roof, gutters, and outside pipes. These leaks become their water source. Make sure there are no leaks outside your house so they don’t have anywhere to drink in. Repair any leaks at once.
  • Know what they are looking for in their new home and remove these from your house. Termites love dead wood, like your firewood, so don’t store them outside. They also love the gaps between mulch, plantings, siding, and foundation. These are their ideal places to live in so make sure you don’t make these easily available to them.
  • Because termites love wood, try not to store wood and wooden items in your attic. Look for other storing places for your wood items. Otherwise, dispose of them properly.
  • These pests also need moisture to survive so make sure your crawl spaces are properly ventilated to decrease, if not completely remove, moisture.
  • Direct water away from your home by installing downspouts. Water coming into your home can increase the level of moisture; thus, making your home the ideal place for termites and ants to develop.

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