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Pest Control Do’s and Don’ts For Winter Pests

Pest Control Myrtle BeachPest control is different for every specific type of pest. Similarly, it should also be different with each season simply because you will most likely be facing different pests during the colder months.

Winter simply means hibernation for animals and pests. While some animals can easily find shelter and warmth in the forest, some pests choose to seek these comforts inside homes. The primary reason is probably that food is instantly and easily available inside houses and there would be lots of hiding places where they can hibernate safely and comfortably. And if the family does not implement proper precautionary and preventive measures, detection is near impossible.

Some of the common pests that are encountered in winter are mice, rats, raccoons, cockroaches, and spiders. Pest control varies with each specific type of pest. Below are some tips to help you effectively ward them off from your house and prevent winter infestation.

Pest Control Tips in the Winter

  • Seal any visible and hidden cracks, gaps, and even small openings on the outside of your homes, windows, walls, and doors. Use caulk and steel wool for sealing.
  • If you store your summer and fall decorations, clothes, toys, and other seasonal gears inside boxes and containers, organize these boxes and containers on the shelves. Keep them off of the floor at all times to reduce potential hiding places for pests.
  • Inspect your crawl spaces and basements and make sure there are no sources of moisture or damp areas. These damp and moist areas are common hiding places of pests.
  • Vacuum the entire house frequently, most especially in the kitchen area where there are often crumbs and small pieces of food that have fallen on the floor. Keep your counters, cabinets, and shelves clean and sanitizes as well. Make sure there are no crumbs of food in these areas.
  • Pest control experts also suggest disposing of your garbage regularly. Do not let it overflow and spill over to the floor.
  • Always keep the areas under your sink both in the kitchen and in the bathrooms clean. Also, make it habit to sweep and/or vacuum under appliances frequently.
  • Trim shrubs and trees and make sure there are no branches or limbs overhanging your roof or near your windows. Keep in mind that squirrels, spiders, and rodents can use these branches to get inside the house.
  • Before placing your unused shoes and clothing inside boxes and containers, it would help if you place them inside plastic containers or bags that you can seal. Some pests like to hide in between sheets of clothes or inside shoes so you want to keep them tightly sealed while in storage.
  • If you have a shed, consider storing your trashcans or recycling bins inside them. Lock your shed and make sure no pests can get inside.

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