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Cleaning Tips To Keep Holiday Pests At Bay

Myrtle Beach pest controlEverybody loves to prepare for a holiday feast. However, with all the baking and cooking that is happening, there will always be spills, messes, and crumbs that fall on the floor that will attract pests like cockroaches to the kitchen. It is as easy as getting the attention of couch potatoes with the delectable scent of roasting turkey. When it comes to pest control and prevention, there are several ways to help keep pests away from your kitchen not only during the holidays but all year long.

Prepare Your Kitchen

You will have more space for your goodies by clearing out your pantry and your refrigerator. Apart from that, you will also get to remove any old supplies that could attract pests.

Inspect Baking Supplies

Before you begin baking, give your baking supplies like your flour a quick look. Check for bugs before you bring them into your kitchen.

Clean As You Go

Leaving utensils, plates, pans, and pots that are covered with food out in the open is the type of opportunity that pests are looking for.

Take Out Your Garbage

Never leave your trash bins in the kitchen to overflow. Double or even triple line your garbage cans so you already have a bag already in place whenever the current bag is full. This will also make your disposal routine a lot easier.

Clean Everything When Your Day Ends

It is always recommended for you to end your day with an empty and clean kitchen countertop and sink.

Make Cleaning Easier

Lay wax paper or newspaper under food preparations before you begin. Spills and crumbs clean up as simple as crumpling the paper up and throwing them away in the garbage can.

Wipe Down Bottles

Give bottles or jars a good wash and wipe down before storing them away. Peanut butter jars and those that contain sticky food can easily draw pests like cockroaches and ants.

Wash Your Dishes

Most of the time, you wouldn’t notice that your dishes are already piling up especially when you are very busy in the kitchen. Don’t leave it that way for long because it can easily lure in pests like roaches and ants.

Keep The Kitchen Fresh

Drop some citrus peels down your garbage disposal to keep your sink and your kitchen smelling good and fresh. Another alternative is dropping ice cubes that are made of vinegar and water in your garbage disposal.

Get Rid Of Excess Grease

When disposing grease, the first thing you have to do is line a container like a bowl with aluminum foil. Pour in the excess grease into the container and put it in the refrigerator. The grease will harden after a few hours and you can ball it up covered it with foil and then throw it away.

Cover It

Make sure that you keep your newly baked goodies in airtight containers. Never leave sugary treats out in the open because they will be an open invitation for unwanted pests.

Pest Control

You can use combat ant as well as cockroach killing baits to keep pests at bay. You can also hire a professional Myrtle Beach pest control company to help you keep your home pest free.

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