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8 Important Things Pest Control Professionals Want You To Know

Pest Control Myrtle BeachPest control and management is indeed a serious responsibility for homeowners. Unfortunately, not every homeowner is aware of their responsibility to keep their homes clean, sanitized and free of pests. Most of the time, homeowners instantly call a pest control professional to let them handle their pest problem the minute they see a mouse or cockroach crawling through their floor.

Basically, what homeowners should realize is that pest control is as much their responsibility as their local exterminator and pest control company. There are things that they need to do in order to prevent pests from coming to their house and breeding in one of their cabinets. It is important not only to keep their houses clean but to also implement pest prevention strategies to ensure you won’t be bothered by these harmful and dangerous pests.

And to help you gain a better understanding of pest control, here are the top eight things that you should know according to pest management professionals.

1. Always alert your neighbors about your rodent problems.
This is most especially true if you live in a condo or an apartment building. Keep in mind that rodents can find their way throughout the entire building. So it is highly recommended that you alert your neighbors and the building association so they can make the necessary precautions and preventive measures. Even if you have treated your rodent problem in your unit, you still need to inform them because once a rodent has infiltrated your unit, it would likely have found its way through other parts of the building as well.

It would also best if your neighbors will inform you about their pest problems especially if it concerns rodents and cockroaches. These types of pests can easily transfer from one unit to another and from one part of the building to another without much difficulty. Walls and doors are not a hindrance to them at all. So it is important that you work with all the other owners and renters in the building to ensure you won’t have problems with these pests.

2. All pests are not bad.
As difficult as it is to believe, it is true. Not all pests are bad and harmful. In fact, there are some that can be friendly, too such as the lady beetles. They actually help gardeners eat other pests and aphids, which destroy the plants in the garden. Spiders are also a great example of friendly pests in the garden. Like lady beetles, they also eat the harmful pests that cause damage and illness to plants.

On the other hand, if these pests have started to infiltrate your home, you may need to call in a Myrtle Beach pest control professional to assess the situation and implement the necessary processes and steps to control their growth in numbers.

3. Pest management companies incorporate the Integrated Pest Management system in their processes.
So you as a homeowner, should really not worry about the treatments and processes being implemented by your pest management company because they use this process – the Integrated Pest Management system – which requires them to use the safest and least amount of products available for the most effective result.

4. Work only with the most competent pest management company.
If you don’t know which company to hire, don’t just randomly choose a company to work with. Remember that it pays to spend time researching the company before actually hiring them. Make sure that their staff is all licensed and trained with certifications. Also, you should hire a company that follows-up at least once after their treatment.

5. Seeing no pests doesn’t mean there won’t be any pests in your home.
If you see no pests in your home, you still need pest prevention methods. This is most especially true during the rainy and cold seasons when pests are on the lookout for warm and comfortable hiding places for the duration of the season.

Pest proof your home and prevent pests from coming into your home for their hibernation period by installing hardware cloth or weatherstripping around your windows and doors. Make sure you leave no open gaps. Keep in mind that some pests, primarily rodents, can make their body squeeze through even the smallest opening just to gain entrance to your home. If you notice holes or gaps in your home, use steel wool or wire mesh to cover and seal these holes.

6. Do your own share of pest prevention and management tasks.
Do not leave all the work to your pest control company or exterminator. Keep in mind that they cannot do everything for you. All they can do is set up primary pest proofing and prevention methods and exterminate the pests that you currently have.

If the pests came back, do not blame it on your exterminator. Remember that you will need to continue with the pest prevention methods long after they have started the basics. You need to do your part to ensure your home will remain pest free.

7. Do not try to fix the problem before calling a pest control professional
Although there are lots of different bug and rodent treatments available on the market today, you need to have the right skills, tools, and knowledge to apply and implement them. If you are not going to strictly follow the directions for the application or if you don’t know how to apply the treatments, let the experts do the work. Do not attempt to fix and resolve your problems only to make matters worse. You are only putting more work for your exterminators.

8. Not all bugs can be exterminated
There are bugs that cannot be exterminated even by the most professional pest control companies. These are bed bugs and your head lice. Head and body lice are considered medical issues so you will need the assistance of a medical professional for that.

Bed bugs are another issue. These pests do not choose the environment where they will thrive. What they choose and target are their food sources which is your blood. So anywhere you are, there are chances that you might get bed bugs and bring them inside your home if they are not already inside your home. What you can do to prevent them is to thoroughly check your bags, luggage, and clothes before stepping inside your house every time you go out.

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