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Five Easy Pest Control Tips This Spring

Pest Control Myrtle BeachSpring is already here and homeowners are getting ready to get their homes ready. This is also the time when they are trying to get rid of harmful pests. It may look like pest control in the spring can be a scary task, however, there are several ways to make this task easier.

You must be aware that pests can enter your house from the exterior. These preventative procedures will ward off a bug invasion prior to it can end up being a visible issue inside the house.

What To Do To Get Rid of Pests

  1. Avoid getting plants and mulch near your home

Ensure all your plants and mulch is at least a few feet away from your house. This may seem easy to do, however, this little change could fend off centipedes, earwigs, rodents, pillbugs and lots of other pests that are drawn into flowers, leaves, and the wetness that mulch holds.

  1. Ensure that doors and window seals are tight enough

Insects have the ability to quickly enter your home through even the tiniest areas and fractures, typically getting in a house through small spaces around plumbing pipelines, under window frames, by means of poorly sealed attics, and through numerous crawl areas. To guarantee bugs do not get inside your home, ensure to fix any ripped screens, and constantly change old weatherstripping for a better seal. If there are big holes or fractures, ensure to seal and caulk right away to avoid mice, spiders, and roaches from getting inside.

  1. Get rid of all sources of standing water

Bugs such as flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches are frequently drawn into vessels of stagnant water. To avoid the build-up of wetness, and therefore the invite of pests, repairing roof leaks as rapidly as possible is important. Look for pipes leakages too and keep in mind to clear rain gutters of leaves and other particles regularly so that water does not collect as a drinking or reproducing source for insects.

  1. Keep animal water and food off the ground

Buy elevated animal bowls if possible. Even if you alter your family pet’s food and water bowls each early morning to avoid stagnancy, they function as a food source for rodents, ants, and other bugs and motivate them to stay.

  1. Remove mess from garages and attics

According to pest control professionals, animals such as spiders will typically develop nests in chaotic locations and cardboard boxes inside the house. The best way to fend off bugs, minimize the variety of cardboard boxes you keep and preserve all storage locations, guaranteeing they are kept arranged and tidy.

You see, getting rid of pests this spring is easy if you follow these simple steps. To know more about how to secure your home from unwanted pests, be sure to call AAA Pest Control.


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