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Why Organic Pest Control Is The Best Choice

Organic Pest ControlIf you are living an eco-friendly lifestyle, why not include the use of organic pest control methods into your household routines? There are lots of benefits in using organic pesticides not only in your garden but also throughout your home. If you cannot get rid of the pests in your home and they just seem to keep coming back, try using natural pest control.

Here are some of the great benefits that you can obtain from using organic pest control.

  • Natural pest control does not harm or damage the environment

Although pest control products available in the market today claim that they contain less or zero chlorofluorocarbon or CFC’s, you can never be too sure unless you use natural pest sprays. Remember that CFC’s are harmful organic compounds that can damage the ozone layer. Continued use of products that contain CFC’s – and the continued destruction of the ozone layer – will result in increasing the already large amounts of ultraviolet radiation in the atmosphere. Aside from being completely chemical free, these organic pest sprays do not contain CFC’s and any foul smelling chemical odor.

Chemical-based pest control products also release other substances and compounds into the air, water, and soil that could harm and put other animals at risk. Natural pest control products, however, contain only organic substances that break down into their natural elements gradually, making sure they directly target the pests that you want to eliminate. Also, organic pest products are specifically developed not to release elements and substances that may harm the environment.

  • Organic pest control products do not affect the soil’s natural structure

Many studies have proven that using natural products to eliminate pests in your garden do not cause any effects on your soil. It does not contaminate your soil with harmful chemicals that may also affect the quality of produce you grow in your garden. There are many types of organic products that you can use to remove infesting pests from your garden.

Do not use chemical based products when getting rid of pests in your garden as these release compounds that may be harmful to the soil. Primarily, these by-products alter natural soil composition, which could affect the fruits and vegetables that you grow in your garden putting you and your family’s health at great risk.

There are natural products for pest control that are friendly to soil and also help improve the soil’s composition, particularly in bringing back nutrients and helpful organisms.

  • Natural pest control methods are found to be safe for everyone’s health

Organic products for pest control contain 100% organic substances and compounds that have been found to be safe for any individual’s health. So you can freely use them as often as you want without worrying about chemical contamination or hazardous effect to you and your family’s health.

Note that constant exposure to chemical-based pest control products has been found to be linked with serious illnesses such as cancer. In fact, chemical residues from pesticides have been found in the bloodstream of women with breast cancer. Thus, women who are at risk of getting breast cancer should refrain from using chemical pesticides which may only accelerate the course of their disease.

  • Organic products for pest control help improve indoor air quality

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor pollutants are two to five times higher than outdoor pollutants. Using organic products help improve the quality of your indoor air by reducing the number of pollutants. Keep in mind that air pollutants persist for a long time when indoors as compared to when they are outdoors. The reason for this is that there are many things inside the house that can hold these air pollutants and keep them present in the air for a long time. These basically include your carpet fibers, furniture, and toys. To prevent air pollutants from lingering longer in your indoor air, use natural pest control products.

Always use organic pest control products to ensure your family’s health and safety. Call AAA Pest Control now for more information.

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