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Common Concerns About Termite Fumigation

Termite control Myrtle BeachIf you are a homeowner and have heard the dreaded news that you are also the owners of a termite infestation, your first concern might be the chemicals used during termite fumigation. After all, you do not want the air your family breathes to be polluted with dangerous pesticides. However, you’ll be relieved to know that the chemicals used now are not harmful and it is rarely a problem to fumigate for termites. If they are not treated, termites can cause a lot of damage in a fairly short period of time.

Common Methods Of Termite Fumigation

The most drastic measure used to treat a termite infestation is a substance called Vikane, a type of gas used while tenting the home. Basically, this means that your entire home has a special “tent” sealed around it and the Vikane gets pumped in while large fans circulate it around the air. The entire home is fumigated under the sealed tent structure for one day. On the second day when the tent is removed, the home will be left to dry out. You’ll be able to return to your home on the third day. You may have concerns when using termite fumigation treatment, but the gas does not stick to surfaces in your home, including furniture, and the minute amount of gas left in the air after drying out the house has been shown to be safe for us to breathe.

If your pest control company has recommended treating the inside of your home with chemicals for termite control, you may also be having fumigation concerns due to the chemicals being sprayed in and around your living space. But there’s no need for alarm – these chemicals have been proven to be non-toxic for humans and animals and will not cause any problems or lasting effects. The pest control expert will also inject these chemicals into your home’s crawl space and even into the walls of the house, assuring the elimination of the termites.  Your organic pest control specialists are careful to use substances that are safe for every member of your family, including your pets.

Along with most people’s concerns about the termite fumigation process, a very common question asked is if it’s an effective treatment for termites, and also if it works on other pests. Your pest control company will guarantee the treatment for termites and fumigation is almost always effective. However, it does not work on other types of pests because it is specifically formulated just for termite control. Fumigation treatment is meant for termites, so, no, it won’t get rid of spiders, ants and various other pests around your home and property.

Keep in mind that termite fumigation is designed to treat the whole house, and while it’s perfectly normal to have concerns about your family’s safety and your pets, rest assured that the only damage being done is to the actual termite population that has taken up residence in your home uninvited! Call your pest control experts today to discuss what you can do about preventing termites if you haven’t already. With annual treatments, you can keep these damaging little creatures out of your home and make sure an infestation never happens to you. If it already has become a problem, just know that it can be treated and controlled, all while maintaining your family’s air quality and safety!

Be safe!  Call your organic termite control specialist today!

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