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Pest Control Guide: Ant Infestation

Myrtle Beach Ant InfestationMore than likely, you have experienced an ant infestation at some point in your home. It doesn’t matter how clean your home is; they can still get in and cause big problems. While they play a big role in the environment, they aren’t welcome in our homes! Nobody wants to look at patches of black ants on their walls, so what do we do about any infestations? Read on…..

Because ants exist in colonies, it can make eradicating them a bit harder. You will hardly ever see ants walking around alone, as other ants in the colony will come right behind them. Every ant colony has a queen female who will lay eggs by the hundreds. Then there are worker ants and male ants that work around the clock daily to carry out their duties. Since the worker ants are females unable to lay eggs, their job is to go out and find food and bring it back to the colony. You’ve probably noticed before how ants march in a single file line. They leave behind a scent that all the other ants can smell, leading them to their food source. They love sugary things like candy or spilled drinks, so it’s important to clean areas like this often. They will also eat organic matter such as plants or wood.

Tips On Getting Rid Of Ant Infestations

There are a couple of types of ant infestations and you should understand them before you go after applying treatments. The first type is outside colonies. With these colonies, the ants still manage to get in your home, even though their colony is outdoors. In this case, there are two main methods for getting rid of the ants:

Look for any cracks or openings where ants can get in, and then make sure they are completely sealed off. Ants can get in about any opening imaginable!

Scrub away the pheromone area. This is the trail ants leave for other ants to smell and find the food source. If you spray the entire area with an ant killer or insecticide, it will destroy the scent, and thus the ants cannot be guided into the house.

Ant infestations can also be found in the form of inside colonies. These colonies live inside your house after the ants build their nest. This is more common in warmer, humid weather due to the ants looking for food. Once they’re in, it can be tough to control them, but don’t give up! It’s not impossible. A couple of good tips here include: ant infestations

Use insecticide. It’s effective and will most likely kill the majority of the ants. The problem with this method is that it isn’t a long-term fix. The insecticide often fails to kill off the entire colony. It might get rid of the outside worker ants, but what’s really needed is to make sure the actual nest is destroyed.

Identify the nest to eradicate it. This is by far the best way to solve the problem. Ant bait can be used to aid in this method. There are lots of baits available for getting the ants trapped. You want to place the bait around the areas where food is stored. As ants get into your food source areas, they will capture the bait, and then take it back to the nest, eventually killing the entire colony.

Ants can be a terrible nuisance to deal with, but these tried and true methods can put a stop to them for good. For more information on controlling infestations of ants, give us a call at AAA Pest Control. We have the solutions you need to control every type of pest in and around your home!

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