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What Exterminators Look For During Termite Inspections

termite servicesSo you are considering calling an exterminator offering termite services. Perhaps you have been hearing the sound of chewing in your walls or maybe you discovered a winged ant in your basement. Always remember that termites can be very destructive and they can be found in 49 out of 50 states. Plus, they are responsible for about $50 billion worth of damages in buildings and homes every year.

Termites can be scary because they can cause major damages even before you realize that you have a pest problem. They will eat wood from the inside out, making their presence quiet difficult to detect unless you already know what you are looking for. All things will look fine and sturdy until you notice your ports begins listing to the left or worse, collapses entirely. Before that happens you need to hire a pest control company right away.

By having your home evaluated every year by an expert or on your own, you can find an infestation before termites can do too much damage to the foundation of you home. Termites are sneaky and tend to work in hidden areas of your house where you almost never check.

Given that, here are a few things that an inspector offering termite services Myrtle Beach look for to know if your home is infested with termites.

Evidence of Swarmers

There are three types of termites in the U.S. and the most common one is the subterranean termites. Termites begin new colonies from existing nests. Successful and well established colonies begin producing winged, as well as sexually mature adults that are referred to as alates after a few years. They will fly off to make their own nests during spring and if the temperature is mild and the air is humid plus the air is still. The nests will then release all of their alateat one time in swarms, which disperse right away. If you notice this presence inside your house then there is a high possibility that a termite nest is close by and using the wood inside your home as their source of food.

Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are also an obvious sign that will alert an exterminator that there is a termite problem. You will find them along the foundation of the house, close to the pipes, in the crawlspace, in the attic, and in other access points to your house. Also referred as shelter tubes, mud tubes look like covered highways that termites use to move through open and exposed spaces such as concrete footers. They cannot go through all these obstacles so they construct highways over and around them to help them out.

Mud In Construction Joints

Mud that are crammed into construction joints or if you see crusted dirt in what were cracks or holes in the sheetrock or concrete could be the work of termites.

Wood In The Landscape

Exterminators offering termite services will check your property for anything that can harbour termites. These include wooden fences near your home, wood mulch, deadwood, firewood, deadwood, as well as wooden structures.

Wood Damage

Inspectors will also look for signs of wood damage. A termite inspector may tap a wood beam and find a low or flat sound that is a sign that wood is hallow inside.

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