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Will You Attract More Stink Bug If You Kill One?

pest controlThere’s a common belief when it stink bugs. They say if you kill one and its unique scent is released, the odor will attract more stink bugs. This is only a myth and not a fact. The dead stink bug’s leftover scent won’t attract more to your house. However, there are other characteristics of you house that may bring more of these pesky critters. Here are some simple yet effective pest control tips to help you prevent stink bugs from invading your home.

Stink Bugs – What Are They?

Just like all the creatures, stink bugs prefer a warm, inviting, and well lit place where they can settle down. During fall, when the temperatures start to cool, stink bugs will begin to search for a warm as well as controlled environment setting to overwinter, and inside the walls and attic spaces of your home are the perfect spots. During this time, while the bugs are looking for warm shelter where they will hibernate, they might start producing an aggregation pheromone that will attract the others. Another reason that you might find an influx of stink bugs in your house is if you have lots of fruits as well as other sweet food. Stink bugs love to feed on ripe fruits, and when you keep your fruits in your garden outdoors, you will notice them congregating in that area. Also, you should know that stink bugs feed on weeds, vines, shrubs, and ornamental trees.

Pest Control: Killing A Stink Bugs Without Attracting More

Although the actual smell of the stink bug won’t attract more of them, the scent is still unpleasant and you wouldn’t want to have that in your home. Although your natural reaction is to squash these critters when you see them, you might find that this will only lead to the release of that unpleasant and strong smell. You can use these Myrtle Beach pest control methods to kill stink bugs without having to worry about their leftover scent.

Put jars of soapy water throughout your house. You can use them to trap and drown the bugs as an organic pest control method. You can also make a sudsy water spray and use it every time you see a stink bug. Apply regular pesticides around your property and openings of your home. Kill the stink bugs by spraying them with sticky hairspray, ammonia, bleach, white vinegar, hot sauce, or other common household items. You can also get rid of the stink bug by vacuuming them and throwing away the bag.

Stop Them From Getting Inside Your Home

Eliminating stink bugs primarily requires preventative home maintenance around your house and getting rid of those places where stink bugs like to live. They get into your home through tiny openings around the doors and windows. If you want to prevent them from infesting your house, you need to do the following.

You have to apply fresh caulk in and out of your windows. All of the doorways should have a new weatherstripping. It is also best to keep vegetation and debris away from your home’s foundation. Regularly check for damages or cracks in the foundation of your home and don’t forget to seal any areas that are exposed. Install screens on fireplace openings and vents or fill any open space using steel wool.

If stink bugs are becoming a growing problem in your property, hire a professional right away. Call AAA Pest Control now.

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