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Myrtle Beach Pest Control Looking For Those Creepy Pests This Halloween

Pest control Myrtle BeachWill your kids be dressed up as ghosts, vampires or the latest goblin this Halloween?  Well, they will not be the only creepy thing lurking around our home and neighborhood.  Myrtle Beach Pest Control wants you to be aware that as the temperatures drop, creepy creatures like spiders, rodents, and cockroaches are looking for refuge in your home.

The change in temperature will drive these pests indoors for water, shelter, and food.  I am sure that you have seen the rubber replicas of these pests as decorations during the Halloween holiday season, but you definitely don’t want the live versions haunting your house.

A recent survey done by a national pest control company showed that 39% of the people taking the survey disliked these particular pests because of their creepiness.  In this same survey, 100% of the respondents listed cockroaches as the creepiest of them all.  The main reason given for their dislike is the fear of being attacked or bitten by these insects.

With Halloween approaching, it is a good time for Myrtle Beach Pest Control to remind homeowners of the risks that are posed by these particular creatures and give you some tips to help reduce the activity around your residence.

  • Like you, rodents find that leftover holiday treats make for a perfect evening snack.  Rodents carry several diseases that are spread through bites and their urine and feces according to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention.  Myrtle Beach Pest Control reminds you to clean up the leftovers and crumbs after your Halloween party to eliminate the lure for rodents inside your home.  Remember that kids will be kids and they will often hide their “stash” in their bedroom just lying in wait for these creatures.  Take the time to talk with your kids about why they shouldn’t be storing their goodies in their rooms.  If they want to keep their Halloween goodies from siblings, provide them with an air-tight container to store the candy.
  •  Did you know that cockroaches be a major cause of asthma and allergies?  Myrtle Beach Pest Control wants you to know that you can keep these creepy pests outside simply by sealing the crevices and cracks where they can enter your home.  You will also want to inspect grocery bags and cardboard boxes, common places they like to hide.
  • Another creepy crawly pest is the centipede that will search your home for water.  Make sure that you clean up moist areas in kitchens and bathrooms to discourage these pests.  You will also want to trim back the vegetation around your home to prevent them from entering.  Calling a good lawn care company can help you with these tasks.  Although it is not life-threatening, bites from centipedes can cause swelling and many people are allergic and a bite will aggravate the skin.
  • Vampires are not the only blood-sucking creatures out this time of year! Bed bugs will settle into your mattresses and bite you during the night.  Myrtle Beach Pest Control has a complete article on this creepy creature.
  • Just the other day I was called out for those spooky spiders that will lurk in the corners of your home just looking for their prey like cockroaches, flies, and moths.  Always dust, sweep and remove any clutter from areas where spiders will tend to nest.  Fall is a great time to have a house cleaning company come in and give your home a thorough cleaning.  This will help to eliminate the “lure” for these creatures.

The only creepy creatures you want in your home are those cuddly goblins that are your children or grandchildren.  So keep things neat and sealed and you will keep the unwanted creatures at bay.

 You will want to call Myrtle Beach Pest Control at the first sighting of these creatures.

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