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Start Early With Your Winter Pest Control

Myrtle Beach Pest ControlPest control in winter is much like the other seasons. Winter is a common season for pests to go into hibernation and seek shelter and warmth. Unfortunately, some pests’ idea of shelter and warmth is sharing your home. According to the National Pest Management Association, homeowners need to continue implementing preventive pest control measures throughout the season to ensure no pests will be disturbing them during the holidays.

To help you with your winter pest control, here are some facts about common winter pests.

  • German cockroaches

These pests get inside your home by hitchhiking on grocery bags, boxes, and furniture. Anything that you bring to your house, especially those that you bought from second-hand sources, may contain German cockroaches. So you will need to very carefully inspect them before bringing them inside your home. With regards to grocery bags and boxes, you may opt to open them outside your home.

What makes German cockroaches dangerous is their ability to easily spread bacteria, human pathogens, and allergens by contaminating your food. Also, it has been reported that they could also trigger an allergy attack and even aggravate asthma symptoms in children.

The most effective method to eliminate this pest in your home is to always keep your kitchens and bathrooms clean and dry. Do not leave leftover food or spilled crumbs on the floor or kitchen counters overnight. And always dispose of your garbage properly and regularly.

  • House mice

These are the common mice that you often see scurrying around the house. They like to take shelter in dark and secluded areas of the house. So if you want to see where they’re hiding, you’d better check the basement and the attic. You’ll want to get rid of house mice as soon as you realize they’re sheltering with you because of the damage they can do to your home and belongings, as well as the risk they’re placing on you and your family’s health. Keep in mind that house mice are known to spread diseases including Salmonella and tapeworms by contaminating your food.

For effective pest control, conduct an overall home inspection and look for any gaps or holes. Tightly seal these cracks and holes. You may opt to use caulk and steel wool to seal them. You also want to keep your garage, basement, and attic free of clutter as these could serve as great hiding places for mice.

  • Brown recluse spiders

You will often find these spiders inside your closet, attic, crawl spaces, basement, and any other secluded area inside your home. Aside from these, they are also often found inside boxes, in clothes and shoes that you seldom use, and along with window moldings.

What makes them dangerous is their venom, so don’t disturb them when you see them or you could end up being bitten.

You can keep these spiders away from your home by keeping trees and shrubs trimmed. Make sure no branches or limbs reach your home or overhang your roof. You should also store unused clothes and shoes in tightly sealed containers. You can opt to use plastic or clear containers so it will be easy for you to see inside the container without opening it and sealing it back.

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