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Myrtle Beach Termites And Pest Control Inspection

termitesHomeowners have their homes inspected for Myrtle Beach termites whenever they suspect a termite infestation. It is not easy to confirm and verify if you have termites at home. This is why homeowners often have professionals inspect their homes.

AAA Pest Control has trained and well experienced inspectors who can help homeowners to confirm whether or not they have termite infestation as well as to identify where the termite or colonies are specifically located. In addition to homeowners, AAA Pest Control also caters to the needs of home buyers who need a termite inspection report before finally deciding to buy a house.

When do you need a termite inspection?

Basically, a termite inspection is necessary before you decide to buy a house and whenever you think you have termites at home. Think of paying for a termite inspection as an investment that could save you thousands of dollars which you will have to pay to resolve the damage created by Myrtle Beach termites. Keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure. Thus, if you have the house inspected before you buy it, you will not have to worry about potential termite infestation and termite problems in the future.

In addition to this, if the termite inspection report came back positive, you can use this to renegotiate the final purchase price of the house. You can ask for further discount since you will have to pay for termite repair in a couple of months or you can have the seller pay for the necessary repairs.

You can also have a professional inspect your house for signs of termite presence when you feel you have termites at home. Some of the signs that can make you feel you have termites include saw dust underneath your wooden window and door frames or presence of small holes throughout your wooden beams. What confirms your suspicions is if you see lots of shed wings near your windows. Unfortunately, this also means that the termites in your home are already growing in numbers and expanding its colonies.

What usually takes place in an inspection?

Basically the inspector will check your attic and crawlspace first for evidences of the presence of Myrtle Beach termites. Some of these evidences include live or dead insects, mud tubes, nest material, wood stain and obvious damage to wooden parts of your house. The entire inspection process primarily involves visual observations. Thus, the inspector no longer has to open cabinets and walls or dig through the crawlspaces and flooring.

The inspection report that the pest management professional will provide you after the inspection should clearly state where the evidences of termite infestation were observed and if there are indeed termites present in the house, the report should point out the specific places where the termite colonies are. In addition to this, there should also be a recommendation on the potential treatment method to help get rid of and eliminate the termites. Keep in mind that the effect of the pest control treatment will depend on the number of termites present in the house and where they are located. Thus, these should be clearly indicated in the report.

Looking for a pest control professional to help you confirm whether or not you have Myrtle Beach termites at home? Call AAA Pest Control now.

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