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What Is Organic Pest Control?

organic pest controlA lot of people these days are becoming increasingly conscious about how their work and way of living affect Mother Nature. They are opting for organic food and natural cleaners, and also trying to find other natural and organic products. Many homeowners are also looking for home services that are environmentally oriented. One of these services is pest control. With a growing number of people seeking out this type of service, companies have responded by providing organic pest control services.

Within the pest control industry, there are several firms that offer green or organic pest control Myrtle Beach service while others only claim to offer one. The terms chemical free pest control, natural pest control, eco friendly pest control, and environmentally friendly pest control as well as organic pest control are not well defined. There exist a great degree of variability when it comes to how different firms interpret them and how it translates to the professional service that you are buying.

Are you confused? To answer some of your questions, here are a few things you need to know.

Organic Pest Control Basics

The term organic or green means that the service offered is based upon non chemical methods and the use of pesticides that are naturally occurring. According to this perspective, to provide a truly green pest control service, only the products that are derived from earth based materials like desiccant ducts, borates, as well as diatomaceous earth as well as silica, pesticides and botanical insecticides that are classified in category 25b by the EPA could be used. The EPA doesn’t regulate these products, which include essential oils from certain plants.

These EPA exempt products may be effective at killing pests on contact but they have their own set of limitations and might not get rid of pest problems because they have almost no residual effect on pests.

Some popular essential oils for pest control are as follows:

  • Peppermit, spearmint, and eucalyptus
  • Cedarwood
  • Lemongrass
  • Lavender
  • Organo, thyme, or sage
  • Lemon, orange
  • Vanilla extract,
  • Litsea cubeba
  • Tea tree oil

Organic Pest Control Service

When looking for an organic pest control Myrtle Beach service, there are a few things you need to consider.

Don’t forget to check on the pest control company’s website to make sure that they are offering the service as green. Then you have to ask the pest control firm about what their green or organic pest control service means to them and what kind of methods or materials are used to control these pests.

Overall, before you hire an organic pest control company, you have to investigate the potential firms thoroughly so you would know which one truly offers natural, non-toxic, safe, chemical free, non, toxic, and organic pest control service. Check out their website, consumer reviews about their services, and talk to a neighbour who may have used the pest control company that you are considering to hire. These services could be an excellent alternative to conventional pest control methods but you also have to live with decreased pest control thresholds where you might notice more bugs every once in a while.

Call AAA Pest Control if you are looking for a safe, reliable, and effective organic pest control service to get rid of your pest problem.

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