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Is Organic Pest Control Better?

pest controlDid you know that about 45 million pounds of pesticides are used in gardens and homes each year? Given this, a lot of people look for organic pesticides to avoid harming the environment and putting their family’s health at risk. What you need to remember when it comes to determining whether a pest control method is healthy or not is based on how toxic it is and not on whether the source is man-made or organic.

What Does Organic Pest Control Mean?

A lot of people enjoy emphasizing that the earth is filled with carbon based life forms, a wide range of things are organic, because they are comprised of molecules with one carbon atom at the very least. However, when it comes to pest control, organic means using methods of control without any synthetic chemicals. Organic pest control involves the use of natural substances that range from salt, soap, vinegar to lime sulfur and pyrethrum.

Is Organic Pest Control More Expensive?

Although household goods, fabrics, meat, and produce that are known to be organic tend to be costlier, this doesn’t necessarily apply to pest control. There are a few organic pest control solutions that are expensive but you will also find others that are more affordable.

According to an informal online survey of pest control sprays revealed that organic sprays cost about two to four times as much as traditional ones. But, home organic pest control treatments include a few affordable options. The cheapest one is boiling water and then followed by white vinegar. The price of the pest control Myrtle Beach is often compounded by how frequent it should be applied in order to be effective. When it comes to traditional methods, application is needed as little as one per year indoors on a surface that is non-porous. There are a few organic treatments that last a few weeks in between applications; others just work on contact with a wet product.

Is Organic Pest Control Safe?

The National Pesticide Information Center states that it’s much more crucial to think about the substance’s toxicity than it is to take into account whether it is or it is not organic. A few chemical pest control agents are only a bit toxic to humans and spread quickly to stop dangerous exposure.

There are a few organic pesticides that carry some risks. Some may have metallic substances such as zinc and sulfur. These could lead to surface water contamination and could lead to equipment damage if not used correctly.

Which Option Is Better?

In some cases, traditional pest control options are far more effective compared to organic ones and could be used much less often to complete the job. However, in other cases, organic pest control treatments could be much more effective compared to chemical ones. For instance, biopesticides, which contain living things or things that are found in nature, are usually organic and they carry much lower risks without affecting its efficiency.

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