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What Is The Most Effective Pest Control For Mosquitoes?

pest controlSummer will soon be upon us and with it those pesky mosquitoes. The primary goal of pest control for mosquitoes is to avoid them and prevent them from making your yard their breeding nest. These insects carry various kinds of diseases including the deadly ones such as West Nile and yellow fever. Although easy to kill individually, mosquitoes are persistent insects that will continue to find ways to survive and thrive.

According to most professionals, the best and most effective mosquito control revolves around maintenance and protection.

Maintenance control for mosquitoes

Maintenance should be focused in getting rid of and preventing the accumulation off standing water in your yard. Always keep in mind that mosquitoes breed in water. There are species that breed even in small amounts of water so be sure you remove all standing water in your yard. Below are some pest control tips to ensure there is no place in your yard where mosquitoes can breed:

  • Do not use yard decorations and accessories that can collect water after a light rain or when you water your plants or turn on the sprinkler.
  • Always check your flower pots and beds at least every other day and remove any water accumulation.
  • If you have a bird bath, make it a habit to clean it at least once a week, if not more frequently.
  • If you have a decorative pond or pool in your yard, consider adding some mosquito-eating fish to prevent the mosquitoes from using this as a breeding ground.

Protection pest control for mosquitoes

Aside from properly maintaining your yard to eliminate the primary breeding ground of these insects, you also have to work on protecting yourself whenever outside. Here are some Myrtle Beach pest control tips to help you ensure mosquitoes will not be able to get to you.

Always remember that mosquitoes are weak fliers. They will not be able to fly effectively if there is strong wind or a blast of air. This is why experts suggest setting up a large fan on your yard. This will prevent the mosquitoes from flying anywhere near you. You can also opt to install a wall or ceiling mounted fan on your porch.

Mosquitoes see dark colors more easily as compared to light colors. Hence, wearing light colored clothing whenever going outside makes you a bit invisible from these insects.

As always, use insect repellants. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommend safe and proper use of insect repellants as protection from mosquitoes. There are many different brands available on the market today. Find one that best suits your needs and budget.

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