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Eliminating Fall Bugs

Fall Bugs - The Stink BugPest Control Myrtle Beach On Elemininating Fall Bugs

Football games, a little more rain and somewhat cooler temperatures mark the arrival of fall season.  If you are like me, you welcome the cooler weather; however, bugs and rodents are looking for a warm place to hide for the winter.  One fall bug in particular can cause a problem and it is commonly referred to as the stink bug.  Your home is a great place for these creatures to find shelter and warmth from the coming cool weather.

Stink bugs get their name from the overpowering odor they emit when they are stepped on or squashed.  Originally from Asia, these fall bugs were first introduced into the United States in the latter 1990s in eastern Pennsylvania (that’s right – a little over 10 years ago.)  These fall bugs have been migrating to other areas of the country and if you have not seen them in your area, you will soon.

Once they move into your home, you will not notice them until they become active in spring when they will gather near windows and on walls seeking a way out.  This particular bug multiplies very quickly and that is why it is spreading to other states at a rapid pace. 

According to research, female bugs can lay up to 240 eggs in one lifetime.  This makes it very difficult to control without seeking professional pest control help.  The best prevention for fall bugs such as the stink bug is to pest proof your home in the fall to prevent these smelly pests from invading your home.

Myrtle Beach Pest Control recommends these prevention tips for fall bugs:

  • Make sure you use caulking material to seal cracks around doors and windows to prevent fall bugs from getting in your home. 
  • Place screens over vents in the attic or to the entrance of your crawl space.
  • Repair any damaged or torn window or door screens.
  • Install weather stripping around doors to seal any gaps against fall bugs.
  • When you are doing your lawn maintenance, make sure that you remove any sources of food for these pests by removing weeds, overgrown bushes or other foliage and removing excess leaves.

Contact your local handyman for help with winterizing your home against fall bugs.  Your local lawn care specialists can also assist with the outside maintenance and prevention of fall bugs.

When it comes to preventing the stink bug from entering your home – the best way to eliminate them is to prevent them.

Call Myrtle Beach Pest Control for more information on fall bugs.  Use our Contact Us page to post your questions about fall bugs.

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