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Pest Control And Stink Bugs

Pest Control, Myrtle Beach Pest ControlStink bugs. We don’t like to think about them and many people don’t even know what they are, but chances are if you haven’t had an infestation of them already, you will at some point. Stink bugs can come in and destroy your garden crops or get in your house and multiply. While they are not dangerous in terms of biting, they are a huge nuisance and nobody wants to deal with them. You will need to call your pest control company to help you if you find that stinkbugs have invaded your house or property.

Pest Control And Stink Bugs—Where On Earth Did They Come From?

Stink bugs come from Asian countries like China, Korea and Japan. They made their way to the United States by being stowaways on shipping containers that came to this country via shipping vessels. Cargo that could include everything from grain to natural materials could easily have stinkbugs hiding out in them, leaving us with a new pest control problem to deal with. Unfortunately, they have multiplied exponentially during the last few years, making their stinky appearances in more than 30 states since their first sighting in Pennsylvania back in 1996.

Stink bugs love to feed on plants and fruits by extracting the juice with their proboscis. Some species of stinkbugs even go after other insects, killing them by sucking their fluids out. Gross, I know! A little pest control 101: Stinkbugs got their name because like skunks, they too have a defense mechanism built in they causes them to emit a stinky odor when they are threatened. They will often expel a foul-smelling liquid if they are disturbed. This is why it is VERY important that you don’t kill them by stepping on them or crushing them! Doing so will cause other stinkbugs to be alerted to the smell and this could actually cause an even bigger infestation as they come in to feed on the dead bugs.

The best way to deal with stinkbugs is to vacuum them up as soon as you see them. Make sure you empty the vacuum cleaner bag when you are done and dispose of it away from your property, in order to prevent the bugs from actually crawling back out of the bag and onto your lawn again. If you have a canister vacuum cleaner, then empty the canister in a bucket of hot soapy water to be sure that any bugs collected will drown. The bucket can then be discarded in a wooded area.

The best pest control is often using good common sense approaches. Seal up any cracks or openings in your house. This is especially true in the kitchen, around doorways or windows. Stink bugs will look for warmer shelter, as the months grow cooler. Don’t let stink bugs get the best of you this fall! Call us today at AAA Pest Control to make sure you don’t end up on the stinky end of the bug!

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