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3 Pest Control Tips To Remember When Holiday Decorating

pest control at christmasAs you are setting up your holiday decorations, you should not slack on your pest control routine. In fact, it is during this time that you should keep a keen eye on signs of pest infestation; especially when bringing a fresh tree from the outside and when opening that boxful of Christmas decorations that have been sitting up in your attic for months now.

Winter pests may not always come from your yard. They can also come from the tree that you’ve recently cut and brought inside the house or from your dusty box of Christmas decorations. Thus, you will need to implement more careful pest control and management strategies. Below are some ideas.

Inspect each live green before bringing inside the house

If you are fond of using live greenery for your holiday decorations – wreaths, garlands, and your Christmas tree, you need to be careful in choosing your decorative pieces. Keep in mind that spiders, moths, and mites live in tree branches and other greenery. And you don’t want to bring them into your house where they might find it cozier and decide to spend the rest of their lives cohabitating with you and your family.

To prevent this from happening, you will need to spend time meticulously inspecting each one of your live green decorations for any signs of pest infestation. If possible, shake them out to be sure nothing is hiding and clinging inside the branches.

Unpack your box of decorations outside

Your boxes of holiday decorations have most likely been stored in your attic for about a year. This gives pests enough time to locate your box and make it their home. Don’t forget that boxes, moist attic, and the décor you place inside combine perfectly to create an ideal habitat for pests.

To ensure no pests will find its way inside your storage boxes or containers, make sure you seal them tightly and securely before you put them in the attic after the holidays are over. And even though you made sure it is secured and tight, it is still better to unpack the box or storage container outside. This will prevent any stubborn and persistent pests that have broken your tight seals from getting inside the house.

You also want to inspect your decorations for signs of pest infestation. If they are not hiding inside the box, they might be still clinging to your decorations. You’ll know a pest has entered the box if you see tiny gnaw marks or droppings inside the box.

Avoid storing firewood inside the house

If you and you’re family are going to be using the fireplace often this season, consider storing your firewood outside the house. Storing it inside and letting it sit by the fireplace for a long time allows the pests a hiding place or clinging to the wood to wander off from their hiding spot and look for a new more comfortable spot inside your house. You could consider storing them inside, if you carefully inspect each piece of wood before bringing them inside.

Should you find that you can no longer handle your pest problems, you will need to call a pest control professional at once. Contact AAA Pest Control now.

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