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All Natural Pest Control Solutions For The Green Homeowner

Myrtle Beach Pest ControlAs more and more homeowners are making the move to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, they are also continuously looking for greener pest control solutions. These are solutions or strategies that use no chemicals or have ingredients that could be harmful to the environment.

Pests have become an ordinary part of every home. It seems that no matter how clean homes are being maintained, how secure homeowners make their houses, pests still find their way inside many homes. This is why there are many pesticides available in many supermarkets and grocery stores.

On the other hand, regardless of how effective these pesticides and other chemical products are, they still pose a great risk to the environment as well as to your family. Fumes and gas by-products from spray cans of insecticides are harmful to the environment. They pollute the air inside your house. Thus, as these spray cans of insecticides kill the pests and insects inside your home, they also cause a negative effect to you and your family’s health because of polluting the air that you breathe indoors. Moreover, they are more dangerous to family members who are suffering from asthma or allergies.

Aside from all this, chemicals and pesticides are dangerous to pets and small children who may accidentally drink them or play with them. Thus, it is important that you store these dangerous and deadly chemicals away from the reach of small and curious hands as well as your playful pets.

If you would rather not deal with all the hassles and worries of using chemical treatments and pesticides, you should consider using all natural pest control solutions. Here are some easy and simple suggestions.

1. Peppermint, chili powder, borax or mint tea

If you have any of these around the house, all the better because you won’t have to go out and buy some. These are great in warding off ants as they do not like the smell of these things. They will not want to pass through these when you leave them in their pathways.

For best results, sprinkle chili powder, borax or crushed peppermint where you think ants are likely to pass or enter. Or if you find any ant holes or entries, quickly mix mint tea and spray the drink on the ant holes and entries. This is effective not only in trapping the ants inside but also in eliminating them.

2. Bay leaves and garlic

For cockroaches, the best natural pest control is to use bay leaves or garlic. Crush the bay leaves and sprinkle them over the cockroaches whenever you see them. Or if you have a garlic plant, consider growing another pot (or pots, depending on your needs) and place them in your kitchen cabinets, kitchen and pantry entryways and anywhere else in the house where you think cockroaches might go to.

Another great way to use garlic is to blend fresh cloves with water and liquid soap. Spray the mixture near infested areas, where you’ve seen the cockroaches crawl on, and whenever you see cockroaches. The solution will not only repel but would also kill them on the spot.

3. Citrus against flies

One thing you should know about flies is that they do not particularly like citrus fruits. Thus, placing citrus skins in rooms where there are flies is a quick way to eliminate them without using those chemically infused sprays or pesticides or those electric buzzers that shoo away flies.

Another simple way to prevent flies from getting inside the house is by placing screens on your windows.

4. Soda bottle with water and squeezed fruit peel

If you notice you have fruit fly problems, one of the greatest eco-friendly solution would be to use a soda bottle that is almost full with water. The water level should leave no more or less than 5 inches from the top of the bottle. Get fruit peels like banana peels. Squeeze the fruit peels in the bottle and place the bottle where there are fruit flies.

What makes this strategy successful is the fact that fruit flies do not know how to figure out flying out of the bottle once they get inside. The banana peel will attract them to go inside the bottle where they will be trapped as they do not know how to get out on their own. Because they cannot get out and warn the others, they will eventually fill the bottle and drown.

5. Cedar wood shavings

Moths do not like the smell of cedar. So if you have moth problems at home, using cedar wood shavings would be your best solution. Place the cedar wood shavings in small drawstring bags and put them inside your closets. This will surely repel the moths from entering and inhabiting inside your closet. You can also use cedar wood blocks.

If you are traveling or packing old clothes, make sure you wash every item of clothing before packing them in tightly sealed storage boxes or containers. Washing effectively kills moth eggs that may have been hiding in your clothes, blankets and towels.

Do these before going home, most especially when you have stayed in a hotel room or cabin for your vacation. You can never be too sure whether or not their closets have been moth-proofed and you would not want to bring home any moth eggs.

6. Organic repellents

Aside from these home essentials that you can use to eliminate pests inside your homes, you can also buy organic or natural repellents from any organic markets near you. Many manufacturers have been developing organic pest control solutions as more and more families are living an environment-friendly lifestyle.

In fact, there are lots of organic flea repellents and soap that you can purchase in many pet stores. These are effective in removing fleas from your pets without harming or endangering them. The use of chemically treated flea repellants may have negative effects to the skin or health – particularly the respiratory system – of your pets.

For more information on natural and organic pest control solutions, call AAA Pest Control now and speak with one of their pest management experts.

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