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Everything You Need To Know About Termites

Termites Myrtlle Beach

Termites are known to cause major structural damage to many residential homes in Myrtle Beach. They feed on timber and can quickly consume the insides of your home’s foundation. As a result, your foundation and, subsequently, your home’s structural support becomes weaker, making your house at high risk of falling apart.

Preventing termite infestation

This specific type of pests can often enter your home without being seen and they remain unseen while they build their colony nest and feed on your house. According to many pest control experts, they enter through gaps and openings that are less often inspected such as fire heaths, cracks in concrete flooring, expansion joints and patios. The rubber compound in between your concrete and ground flooring cannot deter these pests as they simply eat through this compound in order to gain access to your home.

Once inside, they will start to build their colony nest that is often near sources of moisture, which is highly essential for their survival. Some areas inside the house where termites commonly build their nests are inside wall cavities that are near leaking pipes, broken or missing roof shingles, gutters, shower recess and faulty plumbing. They will then build underground tunnels from their central colony nest which they will use for traveling while looking for potential sources of food.

To effectively prevent these pests, many professionals highly recommend learning more about their characteristics and behavior, particularly how they travel and what attracts them to gain access to a house. Considering this, here is some essential information that you need to know about termites.

They travel in mud shelter tubes

These pests need a high level of humidity in order to survive. This is why they build mud tunnels from their central colony nest so they can travel throughout the house without being easily seen. These mud tunnels protect them from the sun’s rays and other predators. And because there is high level of humidity in these tunnels, they are also safe from being dehydrated.

They are not ants

Although they are sometimes referred to as white ants, these pests are definitely not ants. In fact, experts believe they are more a relative of cockroaches than ants.

They use mud and joints to maintain humidity

Because they need humidity and moisture to survive, they have learned how to maintain a high level of humidity in their central colony and tunnels. They cover these with mud and joints and ensure there is no gap or opening where humidity can escape.

They have a unique way of feeding 

These pests have a unique way of feeding. They pass semi-liquid food from their mouth or anus to other members of their colony. This is specifically the job of the worker termites. Their unique feeding process is what actually gave the pest control industry an advantage in getting rid of them. Manufacturers have developed advanced baits especially for these pests, which has delayed lethal effect to ensure they are all wiped out after several of them bring the bait in their colony nests.

Members of one colony have different roles to play

The members of one colony belong to different castes, which are determined by the role they play in the survival of the whole colony. These castes include the queen, the king, swarmers, soldiers and workers.

The role of the king and queen is to create more of their species. They are found in the central chamber of the colony nest. The queen has a huge body which allows her to produce at least 2,000 eggs per day.

Swarmers are the only members of their colony that have wings. Because they cannot fly as well as birds and other winged insects, they rely on the wind to reach other places and find their mate. When they do, they will land and shed their wings to be with their mates and start to build their own colony.

The primary role of the soldiers is to protect their colony from attackers such as ants and other bigger insects. To do their jobs, they are equipped with an armored head and pinchers. They also eject a white substance that they use to trap their enemies and make it easier for them to attack and crush them using their pinchers.

The workers are the largest caste in any termite colony. They have the most responsibility including finding food sources, creating their nest, feeding other castes, tending to the king and queen, and taking care of the young members of their colony. Because they are tasked to find food, they will also have to create the mud tunnels that they need for getting around without being easily seen.

If you suspect your house is infested by termites, call in a pest control expert at once. AAA Pest Control will conduct an overall inspection of your house to confirm infestation and to identify specifically infested areas of your house.

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