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Easy Organic Pest Control For Common Household Pests

Organic Pest Control Myrtle BeachMore and more homeowners are choosing organic pest control methods to effectively ward off unwanted pests from their homes. Not only are these more affordable and easier to use and prepare than commercial pest control products, they are also more effective and proven safer to the environment and to the health of all the members in the household.

Some of the most common pests that people see in their homes and are often finding difficult to permanently remove are ants, cockroaches and dust mites. Here are some easy strategies that homeowners can do to effectively and safely eliminate these pests without harming the environment and putting the health of the household at risk.

Organic pest control for ants

• Combine water and liquid detergent. Put the solution in a spray bottle and use it to spray ant colonies to effectively get rid of them.

• Because ants naturally avoid cucumber and bitter cucumber, placing cucumber peels or slices where the ants are working effectively get rid of them. Find where in your pantry or cabinets the ants are coming in from and place cucumber peels or slices at that entry point.

• Ants also do not like the smell of mint leaves or cloves. Crush mint leaves or cloves and place them in tea bags. Put the tea bags in places wherever you see ants.

• Close out the ants’ point of entry using cayenne pepper, a string that is soaked in citrus oil or lemon juice, coffee grounds and/or cinnamon powder. Whichever you choose, place it in a line that the ants will not be able to cross.

• Borax also works effectively to kill ants. To effectively use this, mix one teaspoon of borax with one liter of water and add in one cup of sugar to use as bait. Soak cotton balls in this solution. You can place the cotton balls in areas where you see ants. Alternatively, you can also place the cotton balls in containers with lids to prevent your kids and pets from playing with these cotton balls. Make sure there are holes in the containers’ lids to provide access to ants. When ants smell the sugar in the cotton balls, they will bring the bait back to their colony where they will all consume the bait and eventually die.

Preventing dust mite infestation inside your home

• Invest in dust mite bedding to prevent infestation. These are widely available in local home goods stores and come in a variety of encasings that are sold in different sizes. All encasings are zippered and are made from materials that are impermeable to allergens and dust mites.

• Use hot water when washing bedding. Keep in mind that there are no commercial detergents and laundry soaps that can effectively remove dust mites. However, washing linens and bedding in water with high temperature, preferably at 55 degrees Celsius, works effectively in killing and eliminating dust mites.

• Apply tannic acid powder to bedding, linens and stuffed toys to prevent dust mites and neutralize allergens. Tannic acid powder can be purchased at your local health food and pet stores.

• Using laminated covers on your mattresses and pillows effectively prevents dust mites. Note that dust mites cannot penetrate these laminated covers as opposed to using fabric coverings.

Organic pest control for cockroaches

• A safe alternative to toxic and chemical-based cockroach repellents is catnip. Simply placing sachets of catnip inside cabinets, on kitchen counters and in your pantry can effectively prevent cockroaches from coming in and infecting your food storage areas. You can also consider simmering catnip in small amount of water. Place the solution in a spray bottle and spray in areas where you often see cockroaches. This will effectively prevent the roaches from coming back.

• Bay leaves, cucumber slices and garlic also work as deterrents against cockroaches. Place them in areas where cockroaches often hang out.

• Consider using non-toxic cockroach traps that are available in many local pest supplies and home goods stores. Consult with pest control professionals to learn more about these traps and to seek for recommendations on the most suitable trap to use.

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