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Learning More About Myrtle Beach Termites

Myrtle Beach TermitesMyrtle Beach termites are continuously causing damage to a lot of homes, making them a top concern among the residents. Termites can easily destroy a home especially if not treated and resolved immediately. What is worse is that their presence is very difficult to confirm. In fact, many homeowners are only able to tell they have termite infestation when the problem has gotten worse, particularly when the termites have damaged a portion of their wall or foundation.

According to experts, the key to resolving termite infestation is increased knowledge. Learning more about termites will help homeowners to easily identify whether or not they are dealing with termites. This also helps them to effectively ward off termites from infesting their homes.

Below are some other facts about Myrtle Beach termites that every homeowner should know.

More than 4,000 species of termites are lurking around the world, 50 of these are in North America. Each species has different characteristics and traits. Some can cause damage in minutes, while others are good in hiding and staying unnoticed. Despite this, there is only one termite specie in South Carolina and that is the Eastern Subterranean Termites.

Knowing what type of termite you are dealing with will help you and the pest control experts to effectively eliminate them. Keep in mind that different species of termites require different ways of control and management.

In a nationwide level, the damage that termites cause can cost more than the combined damage from all natural disasters – including wind hail, hurricanes and tornadoes – in one year. This is why it is highly recommended for homeowners to educate their selves and increase their knowledge about termites.

There is an increase in termite infestation in many homes in as per recent reports. This is based on the increase in the number of calls for assistance that local pest control experts, like AAA Pest Control, have received.

Most often, the first sign of termite infestation is when you see a swarm of flying termites coming out of your walls, trim and floors. This frequently happens when you punched a hole in the wall to hang your decors and paintings or when you accidentally damaged your flooring. These areas are where termites often hide. Thus, a small hole in these areas will agitate the termites and cause them to come out.

When this happens, you should immediately call a local pest control expert even if you are not sure whether it is a swarm of flying termites or flying ants. The most important thing is for a professional to arrive at your home as soon as possible to confirm and control the situation.

Termites have the ability to stay hidden and unnoticed for years, slowly and quietly eating away the parts of your home. Thus, the only way for you to confirm their presence in your home is if they come out of their hiding places. Unfortunately, this only happens when their colony is mature and this can take up to several years.

However, there is another way for you to tell whether or not you have termite infestation at home. You can do an overall termite inspection. All you have to do is routinely check for signs of termite presence in your home. These primarily include saw dust at the bottom of beams and foundation as well as hollow sound when knocking on walls and beams. For better results, you can opt to hire a professional to conduct yearly termite inspection.

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