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Residential Myrtle Beach Pest Control

Myrtle Beach Pest Control

One Time, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly  Services

Big enough to service your needs –  Small enough to care about you.

AAA  Myrtle Beach Pest Control provides both one-time services and scheduled services to meet your specific needs.

One-Time Myrtle Beach Pest Control Services

  • If you are having problems and you just need a one-time solution
  • Free Inspections.
  • We offer Insect, Mosquito, Rodent, Animal, Reptile, Bird Removal.
  • No contracts required.
  • Bed Bug Removal
  • We work till the problem is solved. Guaranteed!

Scheduled Myrtle Beach Pest Control Services:

  • Apply Ant & Roach Baits in & under insect prone areas safely out of reach of your family.
  • Base board, crack & crevice treatment.
  • Outdoor perimeter & window treatment.
  • All services can be done with Organic or “Green” pesticides.
  • Any retreatment between a regular scheduled service visit is FREE.

Remember every home is unique.  Call us today and let us put a special service plan together for you that meets your specifications.


Roaches can become the bane of a home very quickly. Especially if left unchecked. Roaches are known carriers of many different diseases. That includes 32 bacterial and 17 fungal-related diseases, three protozoa- related illnesses and two viruses. They are highly irritating to those with Asthma.

The fact is that Roaches are dirty, it’s not like they are bugs that are just ugly. Roaches tend to feed on old, rotting substances. These substances usually contain bacteria and even viruses and are then carried into your home. One interesting cockroach fact pertaining to the way that cockroaches spread disease is that they taste the foods and substances that they eat with their feet.  Because the roach literally has to walk over the rotting substances to eat or even taste the foods, it’s easy to see how bacteria may be transferred into your home.

Don’t let this happen to you……

 No Body Like Ants

Especially when they can harm your property and family.

Myrtle Beach Pest Control Fire AntsMyrtle Beach Pest Control Fire Ant BitesFire Ants

In addition to unsightly ant mounds, fire ants can cause painful bites, allergic reactions and are responsible for many deaths in the United States each year.

Carpenter Ants 

Myrtle Beach Pest Control Carpenter AntsCause millions of dollars in damage to homes in the United states each year and are some of the largest ants you will see around your home. They can cause painful bites and tend to forage inside your home in the early evenings.

There are  several different ways AAA Pest Control can treat your ant problems. From baits, broadcast insecticides, dusts and liquid treatments, call your AAA professional today a let us recommend the one that’s best for you.

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