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Is Your Home Infected With Termites?

termiteAnother pest that could infect your home – and probably cause more costly damage and repair – are termites. They can lurk behind your walls and beneath your floor boards without knowing about it. The best tool to protect your home against these harmful pests is to increase your knowledge about them and learn about how to identify the signs of their infestation. Spring is known to be the perfect swarming season for termites. As we are headed toward spring, it will help you to learn everything that you can about these pests. Most importantly, you will need to learn about the signs of their presence in your home as well as the risks that they bring.

Pest Control: Signs and risks of Termites

The most obvious risk Myrtle Beach termites can bring you is they can weaken the foundation of your home, especially if your home’s foundation is made from wood. Other areas of your home that are at risk of being damaged include your decks, crawlspaces, gutters, and mulch areas. It is also highly suggested that you keep an eye on any part of your home that has contact with soil.

Spring is when you will most likely notice the signs of their presence in your home because this is the time when these pests swarm and, thus, become more obvious to the homeowners. So, as you welcome the spring season, it will help if you keep an eye on these signs:

Damage to your wood furniture and wood parts of your home

These pests eat wood from the inside out so it will not be easy to identify wood damage at first sight. You will need to tap the wood and listen for a hollow sound. This will mean that the wood’s insides have already been consumed by the pests. Finding more than hollow wood in your home will confirm their presence.

If you notice only a few of the beams have hollow sound, it is better for you to proceed to precautionary measures and pest control and not let these pests get to other parts of your home. Isolate the hollowed wood that you found. If possible, replace them immediately and dispose of them properly. Keep trash wood tightly sealed and away from other wooden parts of your home.

Scattered wings

Spring is also their mating season which is when they try to venture out of their current colony to seek out mates. When they arrive at a new colony to find their mate, they shed their wings before entering. The presence of wings on your vents, window sills, and other potential entrances for these pests may confirm that your house has been infected.

Presence of mud tubes from your yard to your home

These mud tubes serve as highways for these pests to enter your home through the soil in your yard. If you see them from your yard, you will most likely need to call in a residential pest control professional at once to help you remove these pests.

Keep in mind, however, that termites are not only a threat during spring. They can attack your home regardless of the weather or the season. It is only during spring that they become more noticeable because of swarming together. As such, it can be difficult at times to make sure of their presence in your home. In these cases, you will need to have a professional inspect your home and confirm whether or not your home has been infected.

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