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Going Green With Green Pest Control

organic pest controlWhen you think about organic pest control, you don’t normally think about “green” because of all the chemicals involved. After all, we’re not making organic apple pies, we’re killing bugs! So how exactly does one “go green” in pest control? Read on….

What Is Green Pest Control?

First of all, it’s important to define something called IPM, or Integrated Pest Management. This is embraced by companies who believe that prevention, client education, and awareness and regular inspections in a building are equally important as killing the pests. Professionals in the field of IPM are very knowledgeable about the life cycles, nesting locations and how and why certain pests will enter a home or building. Because of this, they can use innovative methods to prevent pest problems that will cause the least amount of damage possible to other living things, including plants and pets, as well as the surrounding property.

IPM uses a combination of organic and chemicals safe for the environment, along with common sense practices to prevent the return of pests and bugs, such as replacing caulking or door sweeps.

Benefits Of Going Green With Pest Control

Although it’s hard to imagine, there are green pest control Myrtle Beach chemicals that are made from organic and natural ingredients that will not harm the environment or other living creatures. These ingredients are also biodegradable and yet every bit as effective and powerful as their dangerous chemical counterparts. If you’ve ever walked in your home after it’s been sprayed for bugs and smelled the toxic fumes, you have to wonder what you, your family, and your pets are ingesting. Having green pest control chemicals will ensure that you are breathing safe air.

Green pest control practices also encourage healthy plants because of the biologically friendly ingredients as opposed to harsh chemical sprays. Ultimately, this also prevents groundwater contamination as well, which is just one more reason to change over to green pest control!

The Basics

IPM uses a monitoring system to identify certain pests and then prevents their return with other control methods, rather than spraying harsh chemicals all over a property that has been infested.

Because of the careful monitoring of this system, the IPM professional can avoid using pesticides altogether if it’s not necessary. Prevention of pest infestation is key here and IPM pros know about how to prevent a problem by identifying the behaviors and nesting of pests so they can use the proper methods to get rid of them. Prevention is the main idea in organic residential pest control.

What To Look For In A Green Pest Control Company

Finally, keep in mind that hiring a green pest control expert does not need to be expensive. The whole philosophy here is preventative solutions and education. A good company will teach you the things you need to know about keeping unwanted pests out of your house, correcting the conditions that might invite them back, and being willing to install pest-proofing materials.

Going green is the only way to go in order to protect your environment, the living things on and around your property, AND your wallet! You will have the peace of mind knowing you’re doing the best thing for the health of your family while keeping those unwanted pests at bay. For more information on IPM and green pest control, contact us today or leave your questions and comments below!

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