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Myrtle Beach Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are making a big come back in the United States

I think who ever said “sleep tight don’t let the Bedbugs bite“ as a comforting statement to kids before bed, I am pretty sure never had to live with Bedbugs. In recent years Bedbugs have become a very big problem on the Grand Strand due to the very transient nature of our vacation destination.  Once they get established they are a very tough guest to get rid of.  If you find that you have a Bedbug infestation do not change your sleeping habits or try to get rid of them yourself, this usually only makes the problem worse by spreading out the infestation and making it more difficult to treat.  AAA Pest Control uses a combination of Thermal, Chemical & Mechanical methods to rid your home or business of Bedbugs. 99% of Bedbug infestations can be eradicated in just 1 treatment – in the same day!

We offer a 6 month Warrantee on our bed bug treatments.

Contact us today & stop sharing your bed with Bugs!

Bed Bugs


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